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Committing to wallpaper can be a daunting task and raises so many questions and concerns: How do you align the pattern, what if the glue dries too quickly—and don’t even get us started on the removal process. Thank goodness there’s a way to bypass all the intimidating steps. Enter Chasing Paper, a company that is committed to making wallpaper not only affordable, but approachable by offering adhesive patterned panels that are a breeze to apply and a dream to remove. Each piece is just 2 x 4 feet in size so you won't have to worry about wrestling with a giant sticker that's even taller than you are. Plus we’re obsessed with their designer collaborations (their latest one with Rebecca Atwood is a total win) and their newest with LABLStudio is just lovely.

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Credit: Courtesy Chasing Paper

The kaleidoscopic patterns in this capsule collection were created by Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin, the founders the N.Y.C.-based interior design firm. And fair warning: Their work may cause you to go pin happy, so make sure your Pinterest widget is up to date. Though the creative women are not graphic designers by trade, it didn’t hinder them from creating a versatile line that we envision their clients being very excited about.

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Credit: Courtesy Chasing Paper

"Because they are interior designers, the collection stems from a different place than when I work with artists or illustrators,” says Chasing Paper founder Elizabeth Rees. “This collection feels very sophisticated and cool, and I think it will find its way very easily into many different spaces.”

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Credit: Courtesy Chasing Paper

Hear, hear.

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The collection is available at Each 2’ x 4’ panel is $40.