3 Sites That Will Help You Buy Art—Even If You Know Nothing About Art

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Shopping for art to dress up your home can be a daunting task, especially if you can't tell a Rothko from a Rembrandt. But thanks to a crop of easy-to-use art sites that will do everything from connect you with up-and-coming artists to frame prints of your favorite classics, you can transform your blank walls quicker than you can say "custom matting." We rounded up the best services for finding the pieces that will perfectly complement your personal taste.

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This just-launched art platform helps shoppers access exclusive pieces from artists that are getting the most buzz at the moment. A team of insiders sources the best contemporary artists and lets users browse their collections and read their bios on the site. Once you select your favorite Twyla edition, the expert staff will print and frame it using museum-quality materials.


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Founded almost ten years ago on the belief that everyone should be able to access affordable art and that artists should have more platforms on which to sell their designs, 20x200 has launched more than 1000 editions by over 300 artists. Pieces by new and emerging artists can be purchased for less than $50, and iconic prints from established artists are available for those with larger budgets.

Tappan Collective

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This is a platform for celebrating the work of emerging artists. Tappan curates collections from artists whose work tells a unique story, then helps users follow the careers of these artists by sharing interviews and other editorial content. Prints retail for as low as $175, and Tappan offers curation and framing services if you're looking to do a larger interior project.

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