By Asia Milia Ware
Updated Jan 08, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Chairish Home Trends
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As we swing into 2018, the predictions for the trends of the year are already tallying up. If you are looking into buying a new house or apartment next year, it might be frustrating to pick what type of décor you want.

Or, if you're into changing up your living space every time a new year rolls around, then you need to be in on these trends. Anna Brockway and the Chairish team have done their digging for their predicted best home décor trends of 2018, whether it's art around the house, or fun shaped furniture for those lounging girl's nights. Shop the trends below that will have your home in style all year long.

1. Maximalism

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“More is more! After years of restrained minimalism, rich, layered and exuberantly collected looks are becoming all the rage. Say hello to Maximalism," said Brockway.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of maximalist clothing styles, but who says home décor can't be in on the fun? If you're into maximizing, then you'd love mixing colors and prints like this hot pink antique sofa, $375; and this Persian runner rug, $925;

2. Animalia

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“Animal-inspired furnishings bring a much needed dose of wit and surprise to spaces. Meow!" said Brockway.

What does every animal lover need? Obviously animal-inspired décor all throughout their home. Splurge on a Smith Bronze & Brass Whippets Cocktail Table, $1,200; or a Vintage Turtle Garden Seat, $475; if you're more into the backyard and garden décor.

3. Trompe L’oeil Draped Forms

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“At once whimsical and classical, trompe l’oeil draping brings quirky sophistication to a room," said Brockway.

There's something about drapes that add a sense of elegance when you walk into a room. Drape styles are all the rage this season. The look comes in a lamp, $800; and even a draped chandelier, $4,350, if you're feeling extra.

4. Heavily Patterned Upholstery

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“Enthusiastically patterned upholstery is all the rage now and we are all aboard this maximalist train," said Brockway.

Nothing negative ever comes from fun bold prints, so why not incorporate them into your home? The heavy pattern trend is similar to the maximalist trend in that it's about more being more. Try adding a Sofa Newly Reupholstered in African Cloth, $8,200; to your beloved area.

5. Art With Faces

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“Faces are a major trend in both our vintage and new art right now—there’s a renewed interest in this classic subject matter," said Brockway.

If you're into vintage art, then face art is the trend you need to decorate with in 2018. No, not your own face painted around your house, but paintings that have classic crafted faces that make for great wall hangings like this Black & Blue 'Flowers & Wine' Painting, $115;

6. Return to Pretty

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“Pretty is as pretty does. This trend is especially strong in tabletop items. Tureens, opaline, blush and robins egg glassware and mismatched antique plates and platters are selling link crazy!” said Brockway.

If you see plenty of classy nights with wine and dinner on a platter in your future, you should be decorating with lots of this trend. Vintage French Blush Pink Petit Wine Glasses Set of 2, $25;

7. Curvy Furniture

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“Curvy is beautiful! '70s-inspired silhouettes deliver style for miles," said Brockway.

Not only have curves been getting love on the runway, but they're trending for furniture too. Try fun curvy styles to relax on like this gold velvet chair, $2,150;

8. Abstract Geometric Art

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“Taking cues from Albers and Ellsworth Kelly, abstract geometric works in bright colors are exciting the marketing," said Brockway.

Turn your home into a fun museum exhibit with fun shapes and colors—perfect for wanting your place to feel bold and new. "Tiny" Expressionist Drawing, $31;

9. Lampshades with Character

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“We’re seeing strong interest in pleated, patterned and even wicker lampshades. This is a great way to get a sophisticated, “decorator” look and bring freshness to existing lighting pieces," said Brockway.

Ditch the basic lampshades in 2018 in favor of funky patterned ones, and let your light shine through some color. Large Mustard Yellow Indian Block Print Gathered Lamp Shade, $140;

10. Year-Round Wicker

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“Wicker is having a moment! Shoppers are gaga for skirted wicker tables, lampshades and lighting, especially when animal inspired," said Brockway.

If you want to wow your guests all 2018, the wicker trend will be your go-to. It'll be sure to add a different flavor to your décor like this Palm Leaf Chandelier, $4,050;