How to Haunt Your Ex This Halloween, According to Your Zodiac Sign's Spirit

This year, Mercury retrograde coincides with Halloween — and you can expect old old ghosts to resurrect themselves from the past. 

How to haunt your ex by zodiac sign
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ICYMI, Mercury retrograde starts on October 13th and lasts until November 3rd. Mercury will moonwalk from intense Scorpio to relationship-oriented Libra, which will make us reassess and revisit former relationships. And, being that Mercury will be traveling backwards on Halloween — there's no better spookier time to get a text from our former flames who are wanting to come back into our lives one more time.

Whether or not we decide to respond, it's totally cool to be in line with the Halloween spirit by sending thrills and chills their way by haunting them — if not IRL then with your zodiac sign's spirit. Trick or treat, bbs!


Flaunting your wealth and professional success on social media will totally get their attention. Not only will it make them super jelly of you, but it will also make your former flame wish that they were still dating you during this amazing time in your life. Oh well! Their loss!


The best way to spook your ex is to simply live well. When you're happy, feeling good, and kicking butt in all areas of life, they will sense your awesomeness and begin to miss you deeply and passionately. Chances are, you've moved on and they're stuck thinking about you 24/7.


You're super responsive in communication. Your ex knows this. Totally ghosting your ex will get their attention because it's out of character for you. The only sure-fire way to haunt them is to go radio silent. Don't respond to their texts, DMs, emails, and send their calls to voicemail.


Return all their items (days, weeks, or years later to them) via mail. By giving back all of the sentimental things you've acquired during your relationship and their personal affectations, you're reminding them of the past, which will bring chills down their spine and bring a tear to their eye.


Do what you do best: Post a thirst trap or two on Instagram to get their attention. Grab a selfie stick, a hot outfit, and pucker up in your most seductive pose to let them take notice of your fabulousness. With any luck, they'll be dreaming about you for days.


You'll get your ex's attention by casually sending an accidental text to them instead of your current boo. Will they freak out? Of course, but only if you respond by saying that you meant to send it to your new love. Is this devious? Yes. However, they probably deserve it. Muahaha!


Publicly becoming friends (ie: sharing their photos and commenting on each other's posts on social media) with your ex before them will shake your most recent lover to the core. They will be totally baffled and left with a million questions that you won't and should not have to answer.


Real talk: Your ex will always be possessed and obsessed with you. But, blocking and unblocking them on all platforms and then sending a few haunting words to your past boo will allow you to consume their minds and hearts — no matter how much progress they made getting over you.


Odds are that the two of you made a lot of plans for the future together. Perhaps it was rock climbing in the Rockies or driving cross country in a RV. Regardless of the adventure, if you choose to do it solo or with friends, your ex will be shook.


Moving on with someone new will get your ex's blood boiling fast. They'll be sad because you didn't waste a minute dwelling or reflecting (like you normally do) and found another person to replace them ASAP. They'll be spooked about the past and present circumstances of your situationship without them.


Getting your dream job (ya know, the one you always mentioned to your ex when you were together) will make them pause and take note of how much you've grown and evolved without their support. It'll also show them that you've stepped up and leveled up your life without them.


You're not one to necessarily assert your voice and tell someone off — mostly because you hate confrontation. But, communicating your frustrations about the past to your former partner in a direct manner without any emotions attached will torture them because you are not extremely forthcoming with your inner sentiments.

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