Barely Bread - Lead
Credit: barelybread/instagram

If you ask a gluten-free person what he or she misses most about a gluten-full life, there stands a good chance that they might say late night pizza, good beer, and bagels. It’s true. Abandoning the classic carb staples of a standard diet isn’t fun, but while suitable celiac-friendly replacements for pizza and it’s partner in crime, beer, have emerged in recent years, a fitting bagel substitute has remained elusive. Until now.

Answering the prayers of the gluten-free community, comes Barely Bread. The first line of 100-percent grain-free, artisan-quality breads that actually taste like regular bread. The spread of products includes sandwich bread, baguettes, burger buns, and, yes, bagels. And not just one kind of bagel, either. With flavor options like cinnamon raisin and everything, Barely Bread’s bagels raise the bar on the bread selection typically available to the gluten-free crowd.

The average person doesn’t eat completely bare bagels, though, so it’s crucial that these stand up to certain tests. Do they dry up and harden when toasted like so many gluten-free bread products? Nope. They gain the toasted outer crust, but maintain a doughy interior. Do they crumble or become soggy under the weight of dense toppings like cream cheese or peanut butter? Not at all. The everything bagel we tested held it’s own when coated with schmear.

The entire line of products goes beyond gluten-free to also accommodate other diets like paleo, low-glycemic, and preservative-free, and it’s all available for pre-order online now starting at just $10 for a pack of four.