7 Times the Moon Will Mess With You in 2020

Ahead, your 2020 full moon calendar.

6 Times the Moon Is Really Going to Mess With You in 2020
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Even for the most avid horoscope reader, there are some months that feel downright dull. These are the months where the solar seasons come and go as scheduled, the full moon offers the same spiritual restoration as always, and there’s nary a retrograde in sight.

Then, there are the months where the full moon brings a lunar eclipse along with it and shakes our worldview to the core. Sure, these periods are disruptive but you could never accuse them of being boring. Lucky for us, we’ll be treated to four lunar eclipses this year, plus two solar ones to boot this year.

Read on to learn more about how, exactly, these lunar events will rock your world in 2020.

January 10: Wolf Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

The first full moon of 2020 is in Cancer, the heart and home of the Zodiac. Your feelings and those of the people closest to you will be the focus of attention — and drama in your inner circle could be brewing. Take a cue from Cancer and the canines for which this full moon is named and play the role of the protector, rather than the instigator or the meddler.

This full moon is bringing a penumbral lunar eclipse along with it, which means that changes for the better (or worse) are on their way. Guard your heart and your loved ones during this period and keep an eye on the horizon. The start of a new year always feels like a turning point in general, but this lunar event could trigger a shift that reverberates through your personal life.

June 5: Strawberry Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

We were treated to a Sagittarian Strawberry Moon last June, and this year we’ll get to enjoy those same balmy, carefree vibes all over again — with a bit of a twist. Yes, this is still an excellent period to nurture your passion projects, shoot your shot (whether in love or for a promotion at work), and generally take risks you’d otherwise avoid. But, with this buoyant, can-do energy will come yet another penumbral eclipse and that means, amid that Sagittarian optimism, something is nevertheless coming to an end.

The eclipse may put a damper on your lofty full moon celebrations, but only temporarily — more often than not, a lunar eclipse is a sign that it’s actually the right time to bring something to a close, be it a relationship, project, or grudge. And, in letting go, we feel freer and lighter to forge ahead toward something new, something that, ideally, better suits our current selves and needs.

June 21: New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse in Cancer

It isn’t just full moons and lunar eclipses that we’ll have to look out for this year — two new moons and their accompanying solar eclipses have big plans for us, too. The first of these arrives in June, in the sensitive water sign of Cancer. New moons tend to be relatively quiet lunar phases that ask us to reflect rather than act. Indeed, this period is a wonderful time to nest, take refuge at home, and prioritize the habits and people that make us feel safe.

This solar eclipse is an energizing celestial event that heralds new beginnings and urges us to work toward the future and to embrace uncertainty — or end up being left in the dust. Even though we won’t be able to witness the eclipse from North America, it will have a near-immediate effect. Namely, in the days following this eclipse in particular, something new will begin in our home or personal lives. This could be as momentous as a move or an addition to the family, but even a more minor development, like an unexpected call from a relative, could end up shaking your foundation.

July 5: Buck Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

There’s always bound to be some tension when a laidback full moon like July’s Buck Moon occurs in a hardworking sign like Capricorn. If you don’t recall last year’s Capricorn Buck Moon, here’s a quick refresher: Many of us likely felt pulled in opposing directions — toward rapid progress and leisurely contentment in equal measure. Striking a balance between work and play was difficult, and that will remain the case this year, possibly with higher stakes thanks to the coinciding penumbral lunar eclipse.

This eclipse will make it easier to identify the forces impeding our professional and personal lives, but it’ll be up to us to determine how we react to those discoveries. Some of us may take a hard-line approach and cut out all distractions, while others may attempt to find a compromise between their vital responsibilities and minor interests. Either way, something will have to give during this challenging phase.

October 31: Blue Moon in Taurus

This October will see not one but two full moons, with the second one arriving in Taurus on Halloween. An additional full moon in a calendar month is sometimes referred to as a blue moon, and astrologically speaking, it’s an opportunity for a sort of spiritual double-check. Take stock of what’s happened since the full moon that kicked the month off on the 1st — do you have any remaining loose ends to tie up before October draws to a close? Spend the 31st getting grounded and secure in your routine for the next month — just as a steady, stable Taurean full moon would like.

And it shouldn’t be overlooked that this blue moon coincides with Halloween, a day in which the veil between the mortal and spirit worlds is at its thinnest. If you’ve been toying with the idea of honing your intuition or getting into tarot, this is an excellent night to try.

November 30: Frost Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Also known as the Beaver Moon, November’s full moon is our yearly opportunity to stand back and witness the gradual unwinding of nature at this time of year. And, as the trees shed their leaves and animals stockpile resources for the coming winter, so, too, should we rid ourselves of anything we deem unnecessary and, instead, focus on our fundamental needs. Doing so will satisfy both the full moon and its accompanying penumbral lunar eclipse.

The challenge will come with the moon’s hosting sign, Gemini. Although this sign can demonstrate impressive social tact, it also has a tendency to run hot and cold — during this period, we’re expected to make clear, confident decisions that will help us close out the final months of the year on a high note. Resist the urge to stay on the fence or waffle between two options (especially if your eventual choice impacts others).

December 14: New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The final month of the year will see the final solar eclipse of the year, as well. The fact that it’ll happen in brash Sagittarius may also make it the more dramatic of 2020’s two solar eclipses. Where a Sagittarian new moon encourages us to think about — and even plan for — a wild new endeavor (be it a faraway trip or an intellectual undertaking) in the month ahead, a solar eclipse in this fiery sign all but guarantees something wildly new is headed our way.

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