By Sydney Mondry
Updated Mar 16, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
Courtesy of La Colombe

Some things aren’t meant to be canned (cheese, Spam, brown bread—we’re looking at you). Others benefit splendidly from a portable metal container. Case in point: coffee. The only way java can get any better is by being more accessible on the fly—throw a can in your purse and you’re set for a delicious energy boost whenever, wherever. Below, three coffee companies who are making our hearts go pitter-patter (in more ways than one) with their canned creations.

La Colombe
La Colombe Coffee Roasters, which has cafés in N.Y.C, D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago, recently launched the first-ever fully texturized coffee in a can. The frothy draft latte, which was previously only offered on-tap in La Colombe’s shops, is a high-quality blend of cold-pressed espresso, nutrient-rich milk, and just a touch of added sugar. Purchase a four-pack (or several four-packs, we won’t judge) online ($10;

Courtesy of La Colombe

Blue Bottle
Super-popular coffee company Blue Bottle now offers its signature cold brew in an adorable, easily transportable 8-oz can. The pint-sized pick-me-ups will be available in Blue Bottle’s Los Angeles, New York and Bay Area shops beginning March 18, and at select Whole Foods supermarkets nationwide in April.

Courtesy of Blue Bottle

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, the company with a cult-like following and locations across Oregon, Seattle, N.Y.C., and L.A., released a canned Nitro Cold Brew last spring that sent fans into a tizzy (including one of our InStyle staffers). The unique brew is infused with nitrogen, yielding a thick, creamy blend. Pick up a can at one of Stumptown’s cafés or select retailers.

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