By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Jul 16, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

If there is such thing as a quintessential summer fruit, it has to be the vibrant watermelon. During the hottest days of the year, it’s no wonder that it’s a flavor that many crave: It’s light on the palette, super hydrating (it’s mostly made up of water, after all), and tastes amazing when mixed into a cocktail. But upon noticing that there are now multiple options of pre-packaged watermelon juices at the grocery store (including this new product that is made from organic fruits and doesn’t include any additives) we started wondering why companies are just now starting to bottle up the refreshing nectar of the popular fruit. A search online revealed that there are multiple benefits to drinking the pink juice. Here’s what we learned.

Muscle Soreness

A study published by the American Chemical Society showed that drinking the natural elixir helps to alleviate muscle soreness, so if you’re planning on participating in a strength-training session that engages all those muscles you’re not usually using, the juice will help alleviate some post-workout discomfort.

Vitamin A & C

According to the FDA, a serving of watermelon (two cups of diced fruit) is packed with 30% of the recommended daily Vitamin A intake, and 25% of the recommended Vitamin C intake. What does that mean exactly? Vitamin A promotes eye health and keeps you looking young by producing more collagen to keep your skin elastic. Vitamin C is not only great for immunity, but also rocks tons of beauty benefits too, like helping you get the strongest, lengthiest hair and nails you always wanted.

The benefit of having a watermelon cocktail is two-fold. One, it’s delicious and insanely refreshing, especially in the heat. Two, it’s super hydrating. The fruit itself is made up mostly of water, and it’s a great source of beneficial electrolytes (like potassium and calcium) which all help regulate the fluids within your body, helping to keep the good and flush out the bad. So the next time you find yourself enjoying a drink or few on a hot summer day, make sure you keep yourself well-hydrated during and especially afterwards to ward off those unwanted hangovers that totally cramp your summer style.