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Part of the joy of baking is that after you pop raw dough in the oven, you can walk away for 30 minutes or so, and when you come back, there's a fully baked pastry or loaf of bread for you to enjoy. The transformation is sometimes so easy as to seem magical—but it's not. And if you've ever wondered what actually happens inside the oven when you're not paying attention, meet Takashi Aizu. Aizu is a Japanese baker who takes you inside the oven with his time-lapse videos of baking bread and pastries. Each clip is only about 30 seconds long, but it gives an oven's eye view of the whole baking process, as the heat turns slabs of dough into browned, crispy pastries.

These videos from inside the baker's oven give a close-up view of what happens when you're probably not looking. And even if you're not a baker, these videos of bread and pastries baking are totally mesmerizing, in part because the transformation never exactly goes down how you think it will.

Sometimes, you can tell what the final baked good will be—like these croissants. But somehow, it's still shocking to see the pastries fill with hot air and basically double in size before settling down.

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And I dare you to look at all of the the butter that's melting and glistening on the laminated croissant dough and not start drooling.

These cinnamon rolls pop out of their containers like a bakery version of a jack-in-the-box toy.

These flaky apple tarts almost look like clams, opening up their shells.

Watching these scones rise in the oven just makes me want to stretch along with it.

It's also amazing to see how bland looking dough can turn into something so beautiful. Take this bread, which starts off looking like sad, mealy worms, but as the loaves seem to inflate inflate, they magically transform into something you can't wait to eat

And sometimes it's just shocking to see how little dough is needed to create a pastry—like these flat little discs that transform into giant, fluffy cakes.

Don't even get me started on these brioche buns, though. You can see the sugar bubbling and caramelizing on top, like hot pools of sweet, sweet lava, as the pastry rises and settles.

For more mouth-watering magic, including a regular dose of these time-lapses of baking pastries, follow Takashi on Instagram.