Whiskey Cocktail
Credit: Courtesy of Minibar

If you haven’t hopped aboard the #WhiskeyWednesday train yet, it’s high time you did. What better way to celebrate hump day than with a stiff, smoky cocktail, like the “This Old House” from Hollywood, Calif.-based joint MiniBar? A play on the classic “Rusty Nail” cocktail, “This Old House” combines herbs and a hint of absinthe for an unexpected punch.

“You can’t get the drink up to your lips without smelling rosemary and absinthe," explains head bartender Jeremy Allen. "It's there to impact your palate before you actually get a sip, a signal to your mouth of what's coming. The rosemary also brings out the herbaceous notes of the liquor.” Try the recipe below tonight.

This Old House



Rinse glass with absinthe and add ice to glass. Stir scotch and Drambuie briefly in glass. Garnish with a rosemary sprig. (Optional: spray rosemary sprig with absinthe.)