The World's First Taco Donut Is Here and It's $60

Photo: Dylan and Jeni

Tacos are known for being cheap, especially when they're ordered from a food truck or a local hole in the wall. It's pretty standard to pay just a few bucks for one, depending on the ingredients, so we were shocked—and intrigued—to hear of a taco that goes for $60. Yes, you heard us correctly. Have you ever imagined a world where a taco could cost that much? Well, it's happening, and we have all the deets.

Taco Donut
Courtesy of Puesto and Carmelle Pina

SoCal taqueria, Puesto, is coming out with the world's first taco donut, and it sounds decadent, to say the least. So, what exactly goes into this innovation that makes it so pricey? First, filet mignon is folded into a bed of melted cheese on the griddle to form the crispy, cheesy wrap into the shape of a donut. It is topped off with Maine lobster, avocado slices, and chipotle & cilantro cremas, and the whole thing is served atop a bed of handmade, stone-ground, blue corn tortillas. Essentially, this giant "donut" is made up of six tacos melded together with cheese and premium ingredients that racks up the price.

The over-the-top dish will make its debut on August 15 at all three of the restaurant's locations in Irvine, La Jolla, and San Diego. Get your Instagrams ready, this is one meal that is sure to bring in the likes. #diditforthegram.

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