By Arianna Friedman
Jul 18, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
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Muhammed Ismail, Sugaire ©

ICYMI, technicolor drinks are the new "It" thing this summer. Between Starbucks's secret rainbow menu and the much-buzzed-about blue wine, it's clear that the Internet can't get enough of these 'grammable concoctions. The latest iteration to take center stage? The cotton candy-infused cocktail. The effervescent drink, dreamed up by the creative thinkers at the candy company Sugaire, has all the makings of a social media sensation. But to get the full experience, you have to see it in action in the video tutorial below, where a bubbly liquid is poured over cotton candy and dusted with edible gold.

And now for the question on everyone's mind: How does it taste? Like roses, according to Sugaire founder Yasmeen Tadia. "We use rose-infused cotton candy," she says. If you want to get your hands on these buzzy creations with minimal effort, you can book them at your next party, along with a team of "DJs" who will hand-spin the sweet treats throughout the night. Or, for a more immediate fix, grab a tub of Sugaire's organic rose gold cotton candy ($7/1 lb;—or any kind you can get your hands on—and make your own scintillating libation at home with the directions below. Either way, bottoms up!

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Sugaire's Cotton Candy Infused Cocktail Recipe

1. Fill a glass with cotton candy ($7/1 lb; 

2. Sprinkle with edible gold ($35; 

3. Top it off with a sparkling beverage like sparkling water or champagne. 

4. Add a straw. 

5. Stir and enjoy!