By Leigh Gotzmer
Jun 01, 2016 @ 7:45 am

We're so excited! We're so excited!

If you've been missing Zack, Kelly, and Screech ever since 1993 when Saved By The Bell went off air, now's your chance to get a piece of the Bayside magic back. A three-month-long pop up diner inspired by the TV show's frequent hangout (and fly '80s and '90s style) Saved by the Max, opened recently in Chicago's Wicker Park. While you probably won't catch Mario Lopez sitting at a booth dressed up as A.C. Slater (he did, however tweet about it), everything from the décor to the food is a total nostalgia trip.


"We knew that every aspect of the diner from the food, service, and programming, to the final interior build out needed to be a one-of-a-kind experience for fans," says creator Derek Berry. "When we open our doors, we hope it's going to be everything that people have been waiting for and more." Berry came up with the idea for the show-themed restaurant based on his experience as a marketing coordinator at Beauty Bar Chicago, where he planned several successful '90s-inspired events.


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The booths are metallic vinyl, the walls have a Memphis-chic look, and when diners get hungry they can snack on A.C. Sliders, Mac & Screech, Bayside Burgers or Preppy BLTs. Dinner tickets are nearly sold out, except for solo seats, but brunch and late-night service are open to walk-ins. So if you're trying to get your '90s geek on, you better get moving.


Saved by the Max is located at 1941 W. North Avenue and will be open until August 31.