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Sandwich/Summer Tips - LEAD
Credit: Brett Stevens/Getty

Food is a major key when it comes to a quality summer excursion. But, depending on your adventure of choice, packing meals can become a hassle—and fast. Sweeping into save the day is the hero … the hero sandwich, that is. There’s a reason we’ve toted sandwiches in our lunchboxes forever. The perfect getaway grub, they're are easy to pack, resilient, and super versatile.

Since we intend to squeeze every opportunity to explore out of the remainder of summer, we’re going to need the fuel to do it. So, we caught up with Eric Finkelstein, co-owner of Court Street Grocers in N.Y.C.—where the much sought-after gourmet sandwiches come fully-loaded—to talk subs, clubs, and what sauce to add to any sandwich you take with you this summer.

What type of sandwich do you think holds up best on a long summer day?

"Our Italian combo has capicola, mortadella, a variety of cheeses, and olive salad. It's a great choice for summer excursions because it gets better the longer it sits."

What’s your favorite ingredient or sauce to use to jazz up any sandwich?

"We really like using Durkee sauce ($23/pack of six, amazon.com), especially in our turkey sandwiches. We sometimes make a version of it here, but it is also commercially available.

"Mayonnaise isn’t always good to use on sandwiches for excursions. A good alternative would be horseradish sauce, and it can be good on any sandwich."

What sides do you think best complement a sandwich?

"You can’t go wrong with potato chips. They’re a classic go to side for a sandwich. We love Zapp’s from New Orleans. They’re kettle-style chips that come in all different flavors and hold up really well with any sandwich."