3 Delicious Ways to Dress Up Your Morning Waffle

Green Onion Jalapeño Waffles with Deviled Egg Salad
Photo: Johnny Miller

Waffles are synonymous with lazy Sundays, but they certainly don't have to be relegated to the weekend. So why not start your hump day on a satisfying note with a crisp short stack, artfully prepped and slathered with plenty of maple syrup? In case you need a few ideas, we rounded up three of our favorite recipes: one sweet, one savory, and one that's actually healthy (believe it or not). Read on below for culinary inspiration—and don't forget to post a pic and hashtag #nationalwaffleday.

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Chia Waffles LEAD
Ella Leché

If you're looking to get your waffle fix without a side of steaming hot guilt, look no further than food blogger and author Ella Leché's nutritious chia waffles. "These are not only gluten-free and vegan but also high in protein and chia goodness," she writes in her new cookbook, Cut the Sugar: You're Sweet Enough ($17; amazon.com). "They're wholesome, delicious, and filling—no longer just empty carbs!" Get the recipe here.

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Evan Sung

Breakfast for dinner? Why the heck not. Treat yourself to a serving (or two) of these fluffy waffles topped with fresh honeyed whipped cream, a staple of Lucky's Café in Cleveland and plucked from the pages of America's Best Breakfasts: Favorite Local Recipes from Coast to Coast ($14; amazon.com) by Lee Brian Schrager and Adeena Sussman, because National Waffle Day comes but once a year. Get the recipe here.

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Green Onion Jalapeño Waffles with Deviled Egg Salad

Green Onion Jalapeño Waffles with Deviled Egg Salad
Johnny Miller

For the perfect blend of sweet and savory, try chef and restaurateur David Burke's party-perfect tiny waffles topped with a spicy, savory salad dotted with jalapeños. "The hint of spice is so unexpected," he says. But oh so satisfying. Get the recipe here.

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