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PieCaken - Lead 2016
Credit: Dillon Burke

You’ve probably heard the expression, “As American as apple pie.” Well we found a dessert arguably even more American: the PieCaken. This dessert mash-up was created by Zac Young, Pastry Director of Craveable Hospitality Group, and combines pecan pie, pumpkin pie, spiced pound cake, and apple upside-down cake with layers of cinnamon buttercream. That sensation you’re experiencing right now? It’s your mouth watering.

Says Young, “My favorite component is the oat crumble that we use to coat the sides of the cake. It’s sweet, slightly salty, and crunchy. We make about 40 pounds a day, and I probably eat five of those pounds.” Given Americans’ penchant for stuffing one food inside of another (see: turducken), it’s no wonder that this dessert was a breakaway hit last year. As a result, the dessert is now shipping nationwide. If you want to amaze your holiday guests and streamline your dessert selection, you can order the PieCaken here for $65 each.

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It’s too late in the game to have it delivered in time for Thanksgiving, but if you’re in the New York City-area, you can place an order for pickup at David Burke at Bloomingdale’s.