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Though we happen to love Peeps (as does Reese Witherspoon), they get a pretty bad rep in the candy world. They are everywhere come Easter, which leaves us wondering what stores actually do with the litany of treats after the holiday. Well, they don't have to look any further, as this arts center in Westminster, Maryland, has solved that conundrum.

The Carroll County Arts Council is hosting their 10th annual PEEPshow this year. And yes, we do agree that it's the best play on words of all time. The contest features "sculptures" made out of the pastel-hued marshmallow candy and it's open now through April 19. What has been entered so far are some of the coolest things we've ever seen.

There are 151 entries, with Surfing Pikachu, Victoria's Peepsecret, and Edgar Allan Peep, among the forerunners. Our personal favorites include the Purple Rain Peeps which is fashioned after Prince's legendary guitar, and the Mother of (Peep) Dragons—the latter which features over 7,500 pieces of the treat.

The grand prize winner gets to visit the Peeps factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which is a pretty major win for a Peeps lover. "Peeps have a two-year shelf life for eating, but I have some entries in my office that are 10 years old," Carroll Arts Center Director Sandy Oxx told The Huffington Post. "They get soft when it's humid and crunchy when it's dry." So does that mean the Peeps we see in stores are from a year ago? Let's not even go there!

Check out all the entries of the PEEPshow here, where you can also vote for your favorite (via donation to the arts council). Trust us, they do not disappoint.