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If you're into health and beauty at all, then you've probably noticed by now that hot water with lemon is a thing. Celebrities, nutritionists, models—they're all drinking it. But why? What's so great about the combination of these two simple ingredients? We were curious, too, so we asked wellness guru Kimberly Snyder what the deal is.

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Snyder shared that drinking hot water with lemon is actually one of the top three tips she gives to her celebrity clients. "Lemon supports your liver, which is your main fat-burning organ and your main detoxifying organ," she explained. "If you really want to transform your skin, start having hot water with lemon," Snyder suggests.

As for why you want to use hot water instead of cold, "there’s some research about how when you have icy water all the time, it actually inhibits fat metabolism and it can arrest digestive enzymes," she told us. "Both in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, there’s a lot of talk about temperature."

Snyder compared drinking freezing water to sticking your hand in the freezer, which would result in a numb hand with reduced circulation. So, she says, drinking hot water with lemon, especially in the morning, "helps to relax everything, and it promotes greater detoxification."

You can also picture warm water's effect on the body by thinking about cheese when it's warmed. "It’s like if you have cheese in the fridge and it’s a hardened ball, but then you put it on a pan and heat water underneath, it starts to melt and relax and release. So there’s something to do with that warming quality. It's great for digestion," Snyder says.

We're adding lemons to our grocery list immediately!