4 Non-Juice Cleanses That Won't Leave You Hangry

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Every now and then, there are weeks that we call for delivery more than we call our friends and family. Life just happens like that sometimes. And, while that's totally fine and definitely delicious, too much takeout and a few too many cocktails can leave us feeling sluggish and puffy after awhile. So, we cleanse!

A good cleanse is an easy way to shed some salty food bloat, clear sugary mind fog, and reset after a few too many fries, but an unfortunate truth about a lot of detoxes is that they tend to leave us wanting more. As in more food! There's no denying the power of a juice cleanse, but without the right amount of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats), we start feeling drained in next to no time. Plus, anyone else feel like digging into a mountain of food after a day of just liquids?

So, instead of fully forgoing food, we found four cleanses that offer all of the detox benefits we require now and then, but without removing any meals from our days (you still might have to abandon the sugar, though). Keep scrolling to find your next hangry-proof purification plan.

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HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition

Don't you wish there was a magic pill you could take that would make you feel and look better when you're a little down or have been hitting the takeout a little too hard? Same, but until then, HUM's Cleanse to the Rescue is the next best thing. The 21-day program, which supports your skin, a flatter stomach, and healthy digestion, combines the brand's Daily Cleanse detox supplements and Flatter Me enzymes in convenient packets containing four pills that you ingest throughout the day. The supplements contain a full spectrum of 18 digestive enzymes and detox herbs like organic chlorella and dandelion root. That said, these aren't miracle pills and the cleanse will only work as hard as you do. A Cleanse Manual is included and offers guidance about what foods you should eat during your detox, like leafy greens and lean protein, and what foods you should try to avoid. Yes, you have to skip the fried foods and sugar, but at least you don't have to gulp back any diet shakes, right?

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Juice Press

Juice Press

Okay, so Juice Press is well known for its seriously delicious juices, but it's also known for its appetizing and, yes, very filling clean-eating cleanses. The plans incorporate both full food meals and the brand's popular juices. For example, a day would start with a mini juice, followed by a protein-based juice, followed by a roasted veggie salad and a soup. If there's one thing Juice Press does well, it's pack a ton of healthy goodness into everything it does and the food fits the bill. Juice Press offers three- and five-day plans that will ship fully prepared right to your door.

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We know a soup cleanse might sound a little bit like a juice cleanse, but the only thing these cleanses have in common with juice cleanses is that your meals come in a bottle. Soupure offers a series of soup cleanses made up of nutrient- and fiber- heavy soups that certainly don't leave you feeling deprived. It takes the convenience of a juice cleanse and adds in a bunch of really good-for-you things like complex carbs, good fats, fiber, and a ton of colorful power foods. Technically, it's a liquid diet, but without all the sugar and hunger, and with all the benefits like reduced bloating and potential weight loss, increased nutrients, and healthier skin and hair.

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Sakara Life

Sakara Life

Less of a quick cleanse and more of a dietary lifestyle refresh, Sakara Life is an organic meal delivery program based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet. The brand offers a three- or five-day plan, or a weekly subscription, and delivers fully ready-to-eat meals directly to you. A typical day is full of superfood-dense meals like turmeric-spiced eggplant and a jicama coconut wrap with the brand's Morning and Night Waters and Detox Tea spread throughout. So, whether you're looking for a quick nutrient kick or a full-blown lifestyle reboot, Sakara Life is maybe the most convenient way to make a change.

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