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I've been a close and personal witness to all the health crazes to hit the market—after all, I’m one of the first to incorporate them into my diet once I get word that they just might fix what ails me. From goji berries (so 2014), to chia seeds, to coconut oil, I’ve tried it all (if Gwyneth has tried it, count me in to experiment). But then, one day a few weeks ago, a juice came across my desk with an ingredient I’ve never heard of—blue majik—and it sent me on a Google-ing frenzy.

What in the h is blue majik? Glad you asked. It’s a chemical-free extract of a blue-green algae called arthrospira platensis (don’t ask me how to pronounce this, that's simply not happening) extracted from spirulina, which is packed with more than 65 vitamins, minerals, and enzymes plus eight essentials amino acids, all of which are easily absorbed by the body and which fight all those free radicals (bonus). Aka its the powerhouse that is kale, times a thousand.

So I gave a try to a trendy new concoction from Juice Generation called Holy Water. A combination of blue majik and tulsi (a member of the mint family) packs a punch, while a hint of sweetness from coconut water and pineapple juice makes it quite the afternoon craving killer. Trust me, you don't want to shove a cookie in your mouth after you down half a bottle of this (and I always want to shove a cookie in my mouth, so that's saying a lot).

So is this the next superfood to take over the wellness world? A café in Melbourne launched a blue majik latte, and it's flying off the shelves at Juice Generation stores, so I'm guessing the answer is yes.