By Shalayne Pulia
Updated Aug 10, 2017 @ 7:15 pm
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Last week, the James Beard Foundation invited guests and several top chefs to the James Beard House in Manhattan to celebrate the kickoff of its fifth annual Taste America 10-city tour. The tour pairs top chefs like Rocco DiSpirito and Marc Murphy with local celebrated chefs in foodie cities like Boston and Chicago to cook unforgettable benefit diners every weekend from Sept. 22 to Nov. 11. Foundation president Susan Ungaro and Chef Thomas Keller hosted the New York event, which also featured top chefs from across the globe (and even a selfie-perfect life-sized cutout of James Beard himself.)

It’s no secret that host Chef Keller, the first American-born chef to hold multiple Michelin Star ratings for The French Laundry, Per Se, and Bouchon restaurants, also loves to indulge in In-N-Out burgers. In fact, he’s so passionate about his guilty pleasure that he said friends have given him close to $5,000 in gift cards to the Cali-born fast-food chain.

Chef Thomas Keller's In N Out Hacks Article Headshot
Credit: Photo by Mark Von Holden

When we caught up with the lauded chef while he inspected final plates of PB & J bonbons in the kitchen, he made sure to tell us about his secret tips for ordering the perfect In-N-Out burger and fries. Adding his one simple extra step to your order can make In-N-Out’s fresh fries even more delicious than ordering them "Animal-Style" (doused in special sauce).

“[In-N-Out] cuts the potatoes fresh, which means they’re not fried twice and they can come out a little limp,” Chef Keller said. “But if you make sure to order the fries ‘well-done,’ they come out extra crispy. It’s a little unknown secret.”

Crunchy, delectable fries and glorious burger? No wonder Chef Keller says: "There’s nothing better than an In-And-Out burger and fries." We know what we'll be ordering next time we head to the chain.

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