Curly Fries
Credit: Getty

McDonald's is answering our fries-related prayers, one step at a time. First, it introduced garlic fries and the Internet went nuts over the news. Next up, the fast food chain is offering up curly fries to customers in select locations.

The new menu item, dubbed Twister Fries, look like the crispiest of curly fries. But according to Delish, there’s something special about these fries: They taste like crab. You read that right, these fries are made with salt, pepper, and crab seasoning.

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They’re currently only available in select locations in Singapore and the Philippines, which means you’d have to hop on a flight overseas to get a taste. But considering they’re already a social media sensation, here’s to hoping they make their way to the States sometime soon—and maybe they won’t be crab-flavored when they do.

Until then, our local diner’s curly fries will have to do.