Lost in Time
Credit: Courtesy of LeGrande

The end of a long week calls for a stiff drink—especially when it's fashion week. To celebrate our brief respite before London, Milan, and Paris, we're mixing up this gratifyingly simple three-ingredient citrus cocktail from LeGrande at The Time hotel in Midtown Manhattan, aptly called the "Lost in Time."

"It's a fresh cocktail that catches crispness from the lemon juice, sophistication with champagne, and just enough tequila to get you lost in time, as the name suggests," says general manager Danielle O'Connor. All you need is tequila, St-Germain, lemon juice, and a splash of bubbly and you're on your way.

Get the full recipe below.

Lost in Time

1 1/2 oz Casamigos Blanco tequila ($37;
1 oz St-Germain ($31;
1/2 oz lemon juice
Raspberry, for garnish
Lemon twist, for garnish


1. Shake the first three ingredients with ice and top with Champagne.

2. Garnish with a raspberry and lemon twist.