By Courtney Higgs
Jul 01, 2017 @ 8:00 am

Summer is officially upon us and even if you don't have any impending travel plans, there's a sweet collab dropping today that will instantly make you feel like you're on vacay. In celebration of the summer season, internationally renowned French bakery Ladurée (known for their perfect macarons) and beloved Los Angeles based photographer Gray Malin (famous for his vibrant aerial shots of packed beaches) have teamed up to bring you something you never knew you needed: artfully boxed macarons.

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The partnership features two limited edition macaron boxes (filled, with the treats of course) with iconic images from Malin's Poolside Collection ($24, in-store at all US Ladurée stores). In addition to the delicate French cookies, you can also snag a limited edition photograph by Malin entitled "Mademoiselle Ladurée" shown above ($249, exclusively at Something sweet to snack on and something gorgeous to look at—sign us up!


The collaboration first came about when Ladurée landed in LA last year. Both the bakery and the artist have a knack for balancing whimsy and elegance, so, as you can imagine the new offerings are as colorful as they are delicious, not to mention totally Instagram worthy.

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Grab yours while limited quantities last!