Credit: Courtesy Kollo

We know what you’re thinking: What new beauty product is in these chic bottles? A new face oil perhaps? Or is it a new shampoo from a hot celebrity hair stylist? Neither. You’re looking at a gorgeous bottle of tea. Yes, tea—the caffeinated, coffee-alternative drink that many of us are prone to lap up throughout the day, and we’re guzzling them up like crazy. We introduce you to KOLLO.

Kollo Tea - 1
Credit: Courtesy Kollo

Nicole Dean, who founded the new brand, traveled to Japan to become to become fluent in the language of loose-leaf, and made it her mission to create a drinkable product that was as pure and close to its natural taste as possible. She succeeded. KOLLO is free of any added flavorings, sugar, and preservatives, and is made using farm-fresh, whole, organic black and green tea leaves.

What further makes this product unique (other than it’s drop-dead gorgeous packaging in tall, slender glass bottles) is the two-day brewing process. If you know anything about tea, you’re well aware that water temperature is a key factor to achieve perfection—too hot and it will scorch those precious leaves, resulting in a bitter cup. Dean eliminates that possibility from the equation by using a low (temp) and slow approach: “Each tea is cold-brewed for 24-hours, which allows for a much more gentle flavor extraction without creating astringency sometimes seen with hot brewing,” she says.

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And you know that saying “there’s something in the water”? Well, in this case, it’s true. “We use a special water filter designed to maintain a precise amount of minerals that best compliment the teas, as completely distilled water would tend to feel “flat" on the palate," says Dean.

Kollo Tea - 2
Credit: Courtesy Kollo

The only drawback is that these delicious $11 beauties are only available in the L.A. area for now, and will be popping up in limited regions later this year—look out for them in San Francisco and London. Nationwide shipping has not been set up yet, but you can keep tabs on that here. Or you can plan a trip to the city of fame and fortune and stock up while you’re there (unopened bottles will keep for 6 months in the fridge).

Bring some back for us, will ya?