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There's almost no component of day-to-day life that hasn't been touched by Kanye West. You can listen to his music, wear his clothes, shop his furniture (possibly), and now you can check out Kanye-inspired food and art. On May 19, the Life of Pablo exhibit is coming to New York's Avant Garde by MMC, showcasing works—and food—that pay homage to the artist's latest album, which dropped Feb. 14.

The event was created by super fan Brianni Taylor, who's brought together artists, dessert vendors, and DJs to celebrate West's work. "When Kanye's latest album released, I heard it fully and in my mind I said 'you're going to curate an art exhibition based around him, he's brilliant,'" Taylor says. As far as art goes, there will be paintings, sculptures, clothing, and even a clock, but we're most excited for the Yeezy-motivated snacks.

Ice cream brand Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, is known for creating flavors based on musicians and actors, and it'll be putting together a flavor called "Imma Let You Finish..." made up of white chocolate ice cream with chocolate-covered marshmallows and Teddy Grahams to represent the teddy bear mascot on Kanye's first three albums. There will also be cupcakes, made by Lexy's Cupcake Bar, which will be topped with edible images of his different album covers. So even if you're not his biggest fan, you'll at least get some fun treats out of the show. And who knows? Maybe Yeezy himself will show up.

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Tickets are available now on and proceeds will benefit The Kids League.