Kale Matcha - DavidsTEA LEAD
Credit: DAVIDsTEA/Facebook

Move over probiotics, sorghum, and acai bowls, the next trendy health food has arrived. Everyone, meet kale matcha. As if matcha and kale didn't stand strong enough on their own as two of the wellness world's greenest superstars, the brilliant minds at DavidsTea combined the leaves to create a seriously powerful healthy beverage.

As you may already know, the grassy and creamy delight we know as matcha derives from pulverized green tea leaves. Kale matcha is exactly that but with ground kale added to the mix. The result is a super energizing, nutritional kick in the pants. Seriously, if the high that comes after kicking butt in a tough workout could be bottled, this might be it.

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And, for those who would prefer to sip their green tea sans kale, the brand just launched a full line of matchas, including everything from wilder peach and maple matchas, to more traditional styles like its ceremonial blend. So, whether you're trying to kick the coffee habit or just trying to one up your healthiest friend, there is definitely a matcha match for that.