This New Juicer Doesn't Require Any Cleanup—Promise

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Home juicers are all too familiar with the time and effort required to collect a single cup of vibrant, nutrient-rich goodness extracted from nature’s most promising produce. It’s not just the washing and chopping of the fruit itself that’s involved—there’s a tedious cleanup process for the actual juicer, too. And no matter how much a brand promises that its machine is the easiest one to wash and maintain, it’s never as effortless as one hopes.

But we’re here to let you in on a secret: By June, there will be a countertop appliance that won’t require any kind of washing, save for the drinking glass. You won’t even have to chop up a single piece of produce. Really.

How is this possible?

Over the last few years, entrepreneur Doug Evans has been working on his latest project, which he is finally showcasing to the public. With over $100 million from investors backing the project, Evans created Juicero, a three-part system designed to make home juicing the most seamless task ever, including a wifi enabled juicing press, pre-portioned and fully prepped ingredient packs, and a mobile app.

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With no tubes or chutes, the press doesn’t look like a traditional juicer. Rather, it looks more like a screenless desktop computer or could perhaps even be mistaken for a sleek countertop humidifier. To use the machine, you simply open the front panel, position an ingredient pack on the angled plate (using the available notches as a guide), close the door, and press the blinking button to start the extracting process.

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First the appliance will scan the QR code on the pouch so that it can identify the ingredients within and know how long to press the pouch for (between 30 seconds to 2 ½ minutes) so that every drop of liquid is extracted. And since the machine is tethered to your wifi network, it will send additional information to the app on your mobile device, including when the pouch was packed, what’s inside, the nutritional info, and which farms the specific ingredients came from. You could also use the app to scan the QR code for this information before pressing and to set up your next delivery of pouches.

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Now comes the fun part: the cleanup (if you can even call it that). Separate the contents from the pouch and you’ll find that the pressed fruits and veggies now feel like a dehydrated snack. These you can compost, toss, or even introduce back into a soup.

And that’s it! You don’t have to dismantle the machine and give each component a good scrub down or rinse. In fact, no juice ever comes into contact with the machine—the liquid extracts directly from the pouch into your cup.

Now, there are a few things we should also mention before you get too excited:

1. The machine is not available yet. It will start shipping this June.

2. The first phase of the machine will only be available to Los Angeles and San Francisco residents, but will ship nationwide by the end of this year. Why? Because you have to use Juicero's branded packages, which are filled with fresh produce and therefore have a short shelf life, they are first introducing it to the cities local to its facilities where the fruits and veggies are prepped.

3. At $699, the machine costs a pretty penny, but is comparable to existing higher-end models, and the price for each package (between $4-$10) is a good deal compared to what you’re paying for at your local juice bar.

Need further convincing? Check out the Juicero system in action here.

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