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Credit: Bobby Lin

The best kitchen tips are passed along from friends, or parents, or—if you work in an office with an always-bustling test kitchen—from colleagues. Such is the case with eggs. We all learned to cook them from someone, somewhere; they're personal, universally-loved. But make no mistakes—they can be finicky, and, when hard-boiled, a real trip to peel.

Recently, one of our developers, Blake, saved us all in the kitchen with his trick for neatly peeling boiled eggs, gleaned from the kitchen of Blue Hill where he was but a young stage. We felt wiser. Enlightened. Our deviled eggs were already getting better.

VIDEO: Deviling Ostrich, Emu, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Chicken and Quail eggs.

Here's the cleanest way to peel a boiled egg.

The Trick
Cook your eggs however you like—slightly older eggs will help your peeling efforts, but using them is not necessary—and cool them down in an ice bath or a bowl of chilly water. Fill a separate, clean bowl with room temperature water. Once the eggs are cool enough to handle, submerge them, one at a time, and use the edge of the bowl to knock them, cracking the shell.

Once cracked, the water helps to gently separate both the membrane and the shell from the white, making your job easier, and the world a better place.

Now: Continue to peel like a champ underneath the water. Make the smoothest, pearliest eggs; impress your friends. Just don't forget to pass this tip on.