By Sydney Mondry
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
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Ice cream sundaes are hard to mess up—no one’s going to turn down a delicious concoction of sprinkles, nuts, sauces, and sweet scoops of frozen goodness. But aren’t you a little curious as to what makes the best sundae ever? We were. So we reached out to ChikaLicious, currently one of the most popular dessert purveyors in N.Y.C.

ChikaLicious, which has two locations in the East Village (Dessert Club and Dessert Bar), was founded by husband and wife pair Chika and Don Tillman and has become famous for its innovative, Japanese-inspired confections. Most recently, the dessert duo caused an Internet frenzy over its coneCHURRO®, which is, well, a cone made out of churro dough. “As with the greatest of inventions, it was a simple idea requiring complex execution,” explains Chika. “It had to be tasty like a churro, texturally sound, a practical vehicle for ice cream, and most importantly, non-regrettably light.” Take a look:

So naturally we wanted Chika’s take on how to create the ideal ice cream sundae. Read on below for her two scoops.

In your opinion, what are the components that make up a perfect ice cream sundae?
Essential to an exceptionally tasty sundae experience are fresh, in-house roasted nuts; real, house-made Tahitian vanilla bean soft serve; chocolate sauce made from scratch using Valrhona 66% Caraïbe chocolate; and house-made Nutella, raspberry jam, and marshmallows. (Ed. Note: If you’re in a pinch, feel free to go the store-bought route. It might not qualify as the best ever, but it’ll still be pretty darn great.)

Would you ever experiment with different flavors?
I strictly adhere to the world's tastiest Tahitian vanilla bean and matcha green tea.

Preferred dish for serving?
House made coneCHURRO!®