By Claire Stern
Updated Aug 21, 2017 @ 10:30 am
Credit: Yumi Matsuo

Anyone who follows Hannah Bronfman on Instagram knows that the DJ and HBFIT founder appreciates a good juice.

Between snapshots of her demonstrating every workout under the sun, there's usually a superfood-packed bottle of something or other, prompting you to ogle over how refreshing it looks before continuing to mindlessly scroll through your feed in search of more fitspo. So really, it was only a matter of time before the burgeoning lifestyle guru took it one step further and launched her own line of juices and healthy snacks.

Credit: Yumi Matsuo

To do so, Bronfman teamed up with Sabrina Diaz of Grass Roots Juicery, a juicery, café, and wellness retail shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on nine products, including drinks, rawnolas (granola with unprocessed and raw ingredients), and energy bars rife with buzzy add-ins like hemp, spirulina, matcha, chia, coconut oil, and tumeric. "I've always been obsessed with natural food products and having a product on the shelves," Bronfman recently told InStyle. "Ever since I was a kid, whenever I shop in a grocery store, I always think about what's missing."

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Here's hoping Bronfman will continue to expand her brand. In the meantime, you can sample the new goods starting Sept. 6 at or Grass Roots Juicery.