Blue Wine Is Now a Thing, Apparently

Blue Wine - Lead 2016
Photo: Courtesy Gik

In an age where churros are posing as ice cream cones, Oreos can take on the form of a bagel, and doughnuts are being decorated with even tinier doughnuts, it's hard for any bizarre food or beverage innovation to really make us scratch our heads. But we were definitely thrown for a loop when we caught wind of a company producing blue wine. For centuries, all we've known is vino in shades of red and yellow—and now we have blue, completing the trinity of primary colors. The beverage, dreamed up by Spanish winemaker Gïk, gets its electric blue color from a pigment found in grape skin and indigo dye. The $11 bottles are currently available in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, with U.S. expansion in the works.

For more details on the wine (including the answer to the question, "Why blue?"), check out this article from our friends at Time.

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