By Lindsay Dolak
Updated May 11, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: Courtesy

Wine is by no means a seasonal entity; we enjoy it all year round. But there's something extra attractive about a cool, crisp glass of white on a sunny summer day. Bonus points if it comes in a gorgeous, Insta-worthy bottle we can set out as added decor while we sip.

As if on cue, acclaimed designer Christian Siriano teamed up with the brilliant wine minds at Ecco Domani to create a limited-edition bottle design for their Pinot Grigio. "Ecco Domani and I had a shared commitment to celebrating personal, contemporary style," he says of the collab. "They appreciated my design aesthetic and I was excited to be able to design something new and different for me."

Credit: Courtesy

The bottle, which will be available for purchase in June, is clear save for the large, graphic palm-like leaves in shades of purple, pink, and Ecco Domani's signature green that give off a distinctly vintage vibe.

"When I think of summer, I think of at-home entertaining and raising a glass with family and friends," says Siriano, who was inspired by the iconic glamour of Palm Springs in the 1960s. "I wanted to create a label that would make the wine a beautiful, must-have piece for summer celebrations and special moments." Mission accomplished.