Nothing says "summer" quite like a frozen treat. To help you beat the sweltering temps, we've rounded up our favorite popsicle recipes guaranteed to cool you down. Welcome to our Freeze This series.

By Claire Stern
Updated Aug 06, 2016 @ 8:45 am
Green Juice Popsicles - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of Hungry Hipsters

With summer in full swing, we at InStyle are consistently upping our popsicle game to cool down. This week, we're skewing healthy thanks to EatPops's veggie-packed recipe, made with cucumbers, water, agave nectar, and basil, aka the most deliciously refreshing alternative to green juice out there.

"The cucumber and herbs are super-hydrating," says founder Sophie Milrom. "Most recipes call for lots of sugar, but that's the last thing you want when you're in a bikini. Cucumber juice is very detoxifying, slimming, and, most importantly, delicious!" Grab your popsicle maker and read on for the full breakdown.

Refresh Pops

Yields 10-12 pops


3 cucumbers
1/2 cup filtered water
1 cup agave nectar
1/3 cup lightly packed basil leaves


1. Use a juicer to juice the cucumbers.

2. Blend cucumber juice with water, agave, and basil until smooth.

3. Pour into ice pop molds and freeze for at least 5 hours—these keep for up to six months.