By Joanna Bober
Updated May 18, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Drew Barrymore Wine - Summer InStyle Lead
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It was a breezy spring day early this week, and Drew Barrymore held court in a midtown Manhattan restaurant to present the latest addition to her portfolio of Barrymore Wines—a well-priced, refreshing rosé that got us very excited for summer dinner parties and general lounging with friends.

Drew Barrymore Wine - Embed
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“This wine is fruit-forward, creamy and citrusy and not too sweet,” she said, addressing a hodgepodge of New York City’s top wine merchants. Dressed in a white floral printed dress and a pair of appropriately pale pink suede pumps, Barrymore lifted a glass, toasting the group and adding that she and winemaker Kris Kato intended to “just make people happy” with this yummy new entry. One sip later, it was a fait accompli. See for yourself by picking up a bottle for $18 at