Finally, Food I Can Eat

Daily Harvest is my sensitive stomach’s secret weapon.

Finally, Food I Can Eat
Photo: Courtesy of Daily Harvest

I've been cursed with a stomach that will tolerate approximately three foods (on a good day), and, in a cruel twist of the knife, I've been doubly cursed with the inability to produce anything remotely edible in the kitchen.

I ignored my sensitivities for a long, long time (ahem, 27 years), but when the pandemic hit and work events came to a halt (truffle-doused "light bites" are my kryptonite), I decided I could perhaps experiment with cutting out some common triggers: dairy, gluten, coffee, alcohol, garlic, onion, sugar, avocado, vinegar, potatoes … aka everything that is good in this world.

There have been a number of doctors, a number of diagnoses (IBS, SIBO, stress, "it's nothing, you're fine"), and a number of medications, but the only thing that's seemed to make any conceivable difference was altering my diet.

I relied heavily on my boyfriend's cooking skills while we were both working from home, but eventually he returned to work in person and I was left to my own culinary devices, i.e. praying that the food co-op gods would re-stock Amy's vegan gluten-free burritos.

You'd be surprised by how few stores in Brooklyn (the dietary restriction capital of the world) carry food that, at the very least, is both dairy and gluten-free. When garlic and onion are added to the conversation … forget it. But then, like a phoenix from my bland and repetitive diet's ashes arose Daily Harvest.

The brand specializes in pre-packaged meals of all kinds (smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, soups, non-dairy ice creams, lattes … ) that are not only delicious, but actually healthy. Daily Harvest offers organic plant-based options that are filling, devoid of sneaky preservatives, and, best of all, actually safe for me to eat.

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest

And yes, garlic and onion do figure into a number of offerings, but they're rarely key ingredients. A pinch of garlic, how rebellious, I know.

Equally important is the preparation, which is rarely more extensive than your typical frozen meal. The smoothies are probably the most challenging, and that's only because cleaning a blender is a personal circle of hell for me.

Daily Harvest is kicking off 2022 with a new set of meals, and they might be the company's best yet. The brand's Harvest Bakes provide a hearty serving of vegetables, nuts, and grains that pop straight in the oven and unlike many pre-packaged meals, actually fill you up. So long, compulsive snacking!

And OK, do these sound restaurant-worthy or what? Cremini + Smoked Paprika Ropa Vieja, Chickpea + Coconut Curry, Gigante Bean + Artichoke Olio, Squash + Wild Rice Gratin. They taste restaurant-worthy, too.

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest

So here's what you do. You choose a plan (6, 9, 14, or 24 items), you pick your items, you select a delivery date, and you enjoy a smorgasbord of healthy and satisfying meal options. Though delivery is weekly, you can skip a week or pause your plan at any time.

For me, there's a feeling of safety when my freezer's stocked with Daily Harvest. It's not fun to be afraid of food (for any reason), and knowing that I have meals that won't physically ail me is a source of comfort in a time when the very word seems fantastical.

Get up to $40 off your first box at Daily Harvest with code INSTYLE.

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