By Yerin Kim
Updated Oct 10, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
Credit: Countertop

If there’s a way for me to live a healthier lifestyle but with minimal effort, I want in. Unfortunately, changing your diet doesn’t happen overnight—or so I thought. Enter Countertop, a new line of Ayurvedic condiments including butter, honey, and various spices that have way more health benefits than their supermarket counterparts. And the best part? They taste amazing.

Though Countertop’s golden butter and golden honey hit L.A.’s Erewhon and N.Y.C’s Clover groceries in mid-September, these kitchen essentials are now available for purchase on the brand’s website. The company will also be rolling out its spice blends in time for the holidays.

Credit: Countertop

Founded on the idea of combining flavor and function, Jamie Kantrowitz and Nicole Rice created Countertop after seeing an opportunity to provide health perks via everyday condiments, like butter. The staples incorporates boosting ingredients like turmeric, cardamom, and black pepper. A little backstory: Kantrowitz met Rice, an Ayurvedic practitioner and in-demand doula, when recovering from her pregnancy about three years ago. Frustrated by the lack of accessible information on food habits post-pregnancy, Kantrowitz, a brand investor, saw a missing piece in the market, especially given L.A.’s robust wellness customer base. “We decided to take what [Rice] was imagining and innovating for the postpartum experience and put it out for everybody,” Kantrowitz recently told InStyle.

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The co-founders want to dispel the common belief that spices simply equal spicy food. “You expect your spice drawer to add heat and an overpowering amount of flavor,” explained Rice. “But actually, your spice drawer is used to add function and digestive properties to your food, to eliminate gas, and to help you calm your mind.”

Encouraging customers to replace their everyday countertop condiments with these nutritionally dense alternatives, Kantrowitz and Rice are about to make cooking and healthy eating much easier for us. “People have been looking for shortcuts to flavor forever,” Kantrowitz said. “They’re your one-stop flavorings that add great health value.”

So how do you work these honeys and butters into your daily routine? Described as sweeteners with benefits, the golden honey and mother honey are perfect for adding to anything from coffee or tea to desserts. And if you’re more of a savory person, try replacing your cooking oil with the golden butter, making your meals functional, delicious, and even luxurious. Rice “hacks life with the butter,” swapping out regular butter and oils in recipes for Countertop’s alternative.

Want to try out the condiments for yourself? You can get your hands on the golden honey, golden butter, and mother honey starting today at for $17 each.