National Doughnut Day
Credit: Cinnamon Snail

Once upon a time, a doughnut was no more than a plump, spherical pastry coated in a sugary glaze, occasionally filled with cream or jam. But today, the humble doughnut is a canvas for baking wizardry; a vessel for unique seasonings, extravagant toppings, and even meat. The treat we formerly associated with Homer Simpson is now a shape-shifting Instagram sensation.

So it shouldn't have come as a surprise when vegan lunch spot The Cinnamon Snail (located in N.Y.C.'s food hall The Pennsy) debuted the Inception Doughnut: one doughnut, topped with three smaller doughnuts, beneath nine even tinier doughnuts, bringing us to a grand total of 13 doughnuts. AND IT'S VEGAN.

In an Instagram debuting the mind-blowing treat, The Cinnamon Snail writes, "How do we make these special donuts you ask? A gaggle of wild unicorns stampedes through our Brooklyn culinary cloud castle at night (don’t worry, that’s totally ok with the D.O.H.), and sprinkles magical unicorn dust on regular donut flavored donuts, to cause a chain reaction, where the 'teddy-bear-man' comes down from his rainbow wizard ward to transform the united states into a kingdom of happy rainbows from sea to shining sea. So basically, the nutritional facts about these donuts are: Sparkle Dazzle Rainbow. Each donut is blessed by a happy puppy wearing a little hat, before it comes down to the earth realm, suspended from a small umbrella. Finally our deco master @artisticookiesweets then spends an entire year making them prettier!"

Full disclosure, the only authentic doughnut is the maple and raspberry-filled base—its mini-me's are made with ring-shaped cookies and cheerios. But come on, this thing is adorable. The pastry was only offered for a limited time, but rumor has it that it'll be made available once again today, for National Doughnut Day...