Here's How to Make the Newest Insane Milkshake from Black Tap
Credit: Courtesy of Black Tap

If you’ve opened Instagram in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a sudden smattering of gargantuan milkshakes topped with crazy confections like cotton candy, cookies, and even pie. The source? Black Tap, an N.Y.C. restaurant serving up craft burgers, beer, and those insane looking milkshakes. The eatery (of which there are outposts in Soho and Meatpacking) is helmed and owned by Joe Isidori, who recently unveiled a new shake dubbed “The Sour Power.”

“We consider The Sour Power the Willy Wonka of all milkshakes," Isidori tells InStyle. "It's like an explosion of his candy factory in your mouth with all your childhood favorites, like Pixy Stix and sour gummy candies." The shake first made its debut at the launch for artist Zendaya's new song "Something New." We wanted fans to have a bright colorful milkshake to celebrate with," he says. "It was such a hit that we had to add it to the menu.”

For those of you unwilling to wait in a three-hour line (yes, really!) for the viral dessert, try whipping up the recipe below in your own kitchen.

Sour Power Milkshake


For the Milkshake Base
3 ½ oz whole milk
1 ½ oz cherry syrup ($5;
10 oz vanilla ice cream

Vanilla frosting
Sour Gummi Poppers ($4;
Whipped cream
Nerds ($7;
Sour skewer (1 sour belt skewered on a stick, $8;
Rainbow twist lollipop ($5;
Large Pixy Stix ($1;


1. Blend the milk, cherry syrup, and ice cream together
2. Pour the mixture into a milkshake glass.
3. Cover the rim of the glass with vanilla frosting and roll the glass in a bowl of Sour Gummi Poppers.
4. Fold sour belt and skewer it on a stick to keep its shape.
5. Top the milkshake off with whipped cream, Nerds, rainbow twist lollipop, sour skewer, and Pixy Stix.