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Smoking Gun
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Smoking is quite passé these days-- but smoking your food and cocktails is all the rage. Top chefs and mixologists have been using smoking devices for years, but not until recently has the home cook been able to get a taste of the fun and flavor.

With this battery-operated portable smoker you can add a distinct smoky flavor and aroma to almost any food or drink in seconds. From traditional smoked meats to butter, cocktails, and even ice – you can cold smoke almost anything.

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Operating the device is fairly simple; just load the burn chamber with the wood chips, tea, or dried spices of your choice and light. When you flip the button a fan pushes the smoke through the tube and straight into your dish, which you'll need to place in a pan covered with plastic wrap to trap the smoke. Let it absorb the smoky flavor for a few minutes then you’re ready to eat. Unlike traditional outdoor smokers which are bulky and smoke with heat, this cold-smoked method can add a similar flavor in a fraction of the time.

You can also put the tube into your cocktail glass for added smoke. The smoked bloody mary and margherita received rave reviews from my dinner party guests. It does inevitably get a bit smokey in the room, so best to turn on your exhaust fan or open a window. Truth be told, a little smoke only adds to the theatricality of your preparation.

This may end up being one of those devices that sits in the drawer next to your creme brûlée torch and pasta maker — but the wow factor at your next dinner party is worth becoming a culinary smoker.

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Wins for: Flavor, ease of use

Noteworthy features:

  • Easy Cleanup
  • Battery operated
  • Includes wood chips but you can experiment with teas and spices, dried flowers and herbs