The Best Champagnes to Pair with Chinese Takeout

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Sometimes, after a long week, there's nothing better than greasy Chinese takeout—especially when it's Chinese New Year. In the name of celebration, try washing down your stir-fry and noodles with a glass of Champagne this Saturday, Jan. 28. "The crispness and bubbles of Champagne complements the umami and spice of Chinese food in a surprisingly delightful way," says Hannah Cheng, one half of the sister duo behind cult-favorite N.Y.C. dumpling spot Mimi Cheng's. "We love the unexpectedness of the highbrow/lowbrow combination. Once you try it, it makes perfect sense." Here, she and co-founder Marian Cheng give us three recommendations to go with your favorite dishes.

Go ahead, pop some bottles.

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La Caravelle Champagne Cuvée Nina

La Caravelle Champagne Cuvée Nina

Pair with: Dan Dan Noodles

"La Caravelle Champagne Cuvée Nina is a well-balanced champagne that is bright and supple. It tastes dry with a hint of fruit, which makes it an ideal companion for food that has spice to it."

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Chartogne-Taillet Sainte-Anne Brut

Chartogne-Taillet Sainte-Anne Brut

Pair with: Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce

"This bottle stands up well to garlicky dishes because of the powerful roasted plum flavor."

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Savart L'Ouverture Premier Cru Brut

Savart L'Ouverture Premier Cru Brut

Pair with: Chicken and Broccoli

"A pinot with notes of apricot. It's dry but not too dry, so it goes well with stir-fried dishes."

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