By Leigh Gotzmer
Updated Sep 14, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Baja East LEAD
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If you're searching for a fail-proof bottle to bring to your next dinner party, look no further. John Targon and Scott Studenberg, the designers behind fearless fashion label Baja East are bringing their bold taste to the wine game. Now a piece of their style—typically rocked by Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell—can be sipped by all.

The pair partnered with the wine gurus at Winc, the wine purveyor and subscription service, to develop Thirsty, ($20, a red wine packed with playful design and vibrant flavors, a perfect pairing for the brand's graphic prints and textured looks. Winc's co-founder Brian Smith took inspiration from Baja East's materials and cut when developing the Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot blend. "We wanted to make a wine that was both full of soft indulgent texture but still got your attention," he says. Smith and the designers set their sites on grapes from California's Lodi region (just east of San Francisco), an up-in-coming area packed with creativity.

Baja East WINE
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The bottle's label is equally eye-catching, showcasing the bright colors and tropical vibes present in Baja East's spring 2017 collection, which debuted last Friday. We spoke to Targon and Studenberg to learn more about the vision behind the vino.

How did this partnership come about?
John Targon: Through the divine grace of grapes. We really wanted to expand our brand and when we were introduced to the Winc team, we knew it was a great fit. Thirsty allows us to share our brand in a new, exciting way.

How did the design of the label come to be?
Scott Studenberg: That's our psychedelic tiger print from our runway collection, which debuted this past Friday.

Finish the sentence: This wine tastes like ______
JT: The perfect fall night.

What pairs perfectly with this wine?
SS: Sex, chocolate, pasta, pizza.

—With reporting by Anne Vorrasi