Baby, it's cold outside.

February Full Moon
Credit: Lumina/Stocksy/AdobeStock

Brace yourselves — this weekend could see some serious drama unfold, and we’re not just talking about Oscars night. For one thing, February’s full moon will arrive late Saturday night (or, depending how you look at it, early Sunday morning) and appear even bigger and brighter than usual. It'll be the first supermoon of 2020, due to the fact that it's reaching fullness at the point in its orbit where it's closest to Earth. As if that wasn't enough for drama, this full moon is also expected to jumpstart our passionate side.

Where last month’s full moon was in sweet and nurturing Cancer, this month’s will arrive in feisty fire sign Leo, setting the stage for steamy pre-V-Day vibes and flaring tempers in equal measure.

In other words, it’ll be difficult not to wear our hearts on our sleeves this weekend: There’s the possibility of drama bubbling to the surface or true feelings airing themselves out in the open. But, we will need to find a balance between the fiery astrology that’s driving this full moon with the calmer, more collected meaning of the Full Snow Moon, aka the full moon in February, which is so named for the snowy and generally wintry weather we tend to see this time of year.

The Snow Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

If this month’s full moon has something in common with last month’s it’s the fact that they’re both wintertime full moons, imbued with similar energies relating to home, hearth, and safety.

Staying out of the cold, spending time with your loved ones, and culling your resources are some of the more traditional ways to honor the Full Snow Moon (which, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, is known as the Bone Moon in Cherokee traditions, for the scant amounts of food people would tend to come by in the winter).

How to Make the Most Of The Full Snow Moon In Leo

The Full Snow Moon’s spiritual significance may seem to conflict with its extravagant hosting sign, Leo, but you can make these energies work in tandem with each other with a little effort. If you had hopes for romance this weekend, plan a lavish night in with your S.O. to demonstrate your devotion (as proud as they are, Leos can be real suckers for a major statement of affection). Or, if you’re still in the beginning stages of a possible relationship, invite your new flame over for a slumber party — complete with a blanket fort.

If you’re keeping your weekend plans strictly platonic, try to run with only your innermost circle in tow. Leos may like to surround themselves with an adoring public, but they only reveal their private persona to a select few. This weekend could be a great time for an informal but intimate hangout that lasts in the wee hours. Revel in catching up with your true blue pals, but steer clear of gossip or topics that you know will stir the pot. Again, it’ll be all too easy to get embroiled in some petty drama, so spicy discussions are better off avoided completely. Instead, turn the subject of conversation toward everyone’s finer qualities and show some love in honor of Valentine’s Day.

However you spend February’s full moon, you’ll have the opportunity to practice patience in the face of a short temper, to be playful during one the darkest, coldest times of year. Seek that balance this weekend and you’ll spend the rest of the month feeling steadier and more even-keeled for it.