The New Moon In Aquarius Will Either Make Or Break Your Valentine's Day Plans

Here's how to prepare.

The New Moon In Aquarius Will Remind You Of Your Self-Worth, Just In Time For Valentine's Day
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Whether you look forward to Valentine's Day for the romance or for the day-after candy sales, you'll be heading into this year's V-Day with a whole new mindset, thanks to the new moon in Aquarius. Arriving on Thursday, February 11 just ahead of a holiday intended to celebrate the partnerships in your life, this lunar phase could compel you to strike out on your own and, instead, honor yourself as a unique individual — emphasis on unique.

The new moon is right at home in innovative Aquarius.

If you're close to anyone born under the air sign of Aquarius, you'll probably agree when we say Aquarians defy easy definition. They tend to be fiercely independent deep thinkers with an otherworldly knack for flouting the status quo. We love them for their originality, even if we may scratch our heads at some of their outside-the-box ideas.

Meanwhile, we know the new moon for the state of stillness and introspection it casts over all of us, more often than not requesting that we spend (at least part of) the evening thinking and reflecting on what's to come and what we have to offer. It's a time to plan and recenter our focus for the coming weeks, in the hopes that we'll arrive at the next full moon with something to show for our work.

When these forces work in tandem, we're imbued with a cool, creative, and innovative energy (think a mad scientist in a leather jacket). We'll feel downright inspired to engage with our deeper selves, to reflect on our particular set of strengths. As we pursue this line of thought, we may strike upon an overwhelming sense of appreciation and gratitude for who we are at this very moment. And, close on the heels of this realization, groundbreaking ideas around how we can develop those skills further and apply them to the greater good will likely follow.

In sum, this could prove to be a highly empowering new moon, especially if you've been feeling disconnected from what makes you, well, you. This is your cue to invest in yourself — if you do so now, you'll undoubtedly see dividends by month's end.

The new moon in Aquarius is not, however, about self-isolation.

With that sort of message behind it, the timing of this new moon feels cosmically ordained. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's tempting to lose sight of who you are as a solo entity, but this lunar phase will remind you.

If you're in a relationship, remember that you are more than one half of a whole couple. If you're single but seeking a relationship, don't consider yourself insufficient because you are, at the moment, without a partner. Aquarius draws strength from its individuality — can you challenge yourself to do the same?

Of course, if your partner is expecting a date night or you've already ordered a candygram for your BFF, don't scrap those plans. As much as this celestial event is about honoring and holding up the self, it shouldn't drive a wedge between you and your loved ones. If anything, Aquarius' humanitarian streak should make you more aware of your place among the larger community (recall what we said about applying your specific talents to the greater good). So, don't be a rebel without a cause this weekend and, instead, make sure you're showing yourself as much love as you show your Valentine.

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