Autumnal bliss achieved one arch at a time

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Fall weddings will forever encompass elements of pure magic, from sprinkled crisp leaves on a lawn to warm, burnt seasonal décor hues. If you're in the midst of planning your own autumnal "I Do's," there are so many treatments you can give your altar that make the most of the season. Arches of florals and lush greenery can transform any outdoor space into an enchanting haven of bliss. So InStyle spoke to some of the industry's most prominent planners to gather inspiring altar ideas that will encourage any couple to fall in love this fall.

Show Your True Colors:

One of the most familiar features of a fall wedding is the warm color palette often associated with the latter months of the year. From rich oranges to crisp reds, harvest hues can play a whimsical role in any ceremony altar. Shannon Dexter, co-owner and principal planner of All You Need is Love Events, shares her advice for utilizing fall's unique shades. "Fall weddings are beautiful as you can draw on the gorgeous colors that accompany this amazing season," Dexter said. "The arch we created drew upon the colors that are found at this time of year to help spill out of the arrangements and drip down the sides of the structure that couple got married under. They were surrounded by the rich colors that popped against the soft covering above," she continued, describing the inspiration behind this look.

Fall Wedding Ceremony Decorations 1
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Petals that Pop:

Aleah and Nick Valley of Valley & Company Events emphasize the importance of displaying an arched blend of plants and florals that embody the season's most beloved blooms. "When the weather turns crisp and the leaves change to warmer tones, we see our clients looking to create a cozy and inviting fall setting, starting with their ceremony." For decorative altars, magnolias are a recurring favorite. "We love to use magnolia leaf garlands suspended across the ceremony space to create an enchanting and creative feeling. Magnolia leaves, burning bush, and ethereal ferns can all add to a festive fall atmosphere. Garlands can be dressed up or down with flowers and can be as luscious or as refined as you like."

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Stick With Variety:

According to Jennifer Zabinski Events founder and president Jennifer Zabinski, decorating with a variety of items like fruits and olive branches creates an imaginative way to add festivity to your altar. "Fall weddings have a charismatic and understated elegance to them," said Zabinski. "Consider the construction of trees embellished with seasonal fruits on either side of the alter or the incorporation of olive branches into the frame of a chuppah." Leaves, natural or painted, can be a nice accent, she added.

Fall Wedding Ceremony Decorations 3
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Credit: Hannah Arista Photography

Altar-native Inspiration:

If you find yourself straying from the idea of a fall-focused altar, Aleah and Nick Valley expand on other ways to incorporate elements of the season into your ceremony, including charming décor on the seat of each guest chair. "Slip dried leaves into small paper bags, and place them on each guest's seat to toss [during the] celebration. Not only a fun way to nod to fall, but it's the perfect confetti-type merriment!" Oversized arrangements like the placement of tall outdoor pots create a look that emphasizes the changing of leaves. "These can be decadent floral arrangements or even pots from your local nursery that are taking on autumn hues—and how special that you can plant them in your own garden after your wedding day!"

Fall Wedding Ceremony Decorations 2
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That's something we'd definitely say "I Do" to.