Next week's full moon brings lots of chaotic energy.

December's Full Cold Moon Wants You To Spend A Long Night In
Credit: Vasily Pindyurin/Getty

We can let this time of year can fly right past us if we aren’t careful. But, as December — and the decade — quickly draws to a close, it will serve us all to take a pause and recognize the passage of time. This Thursday, December 12, when the full moon arrives in Gemini, will be a shining opportunity to do just that.

As horoscope readers already know, Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet. It’s a sign of wit, curiosity, and crackling enthusiasm. Your Gemini friend always has a wild thought (or juicy bit of gossip) to share with you and they’re quick with a follow-up question to get your take on the matter. With this boundless enthusiasm and thirst for information can come a bit of moodiness — a Gemini’s thoughts can whir so rapidly that they can end up running cold on an idea that had lit their fire mere days ago. Say what you will about Gemini energy, but it will rarely bore you.

With all that in mind, a full moon in Gemini at any time of year is certain to be interesting, but, given the longstanding spiritual significance of this month’s full moon, this effervescent influence will be particularly welcome.

Traditionally known as the Full Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon, December’s full moon is associated with some of winter’s bleakest features — namely, the harsh cold and the extra hours of darkness that arrive with the winter solstice. Although the full moon will occur before the solstice (which, this year, is on the 21st), it’s a chance to observe these changes in the natural world as they gradually take effect. As a result, this lunar phase can feel rather solemn, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck sulking under your heated blanket on the 12th.

Instead, you can let this full moon serve as a reminder of all the things that make the cold and dark of wintertime livable. Invite your friends over for a night of chatting, games, and, in true Gemini form, gossip. Even if a pals’ night in sounds like a huge social undertaking, the Gemini moon will coax out your inner chatterbox and show you how fulfilling a good conversation among friends can be. This will be a great night to find inspiration from those around you and to share your own goals for 2020, to boot. And, if you have your eye on someone special, this could be your chance to dazzle them with your (undoubtedly stunning) wit.

The only thing to watch out for, if you decide to host a little get-together, is to be wary of oversharing. Geminis can tend to be loose-lipped if given the chance — and nothing can kill the vibe faster than a foot-in-mouth remark. Avoid any awkward comments or over-the-line jokes by keeping your gathering small. A major holiday blowout can wait for another night. Besides, surrounding yourself with a tight-knit group, with whom you can shoot the breeze into the wee hours, will help you see that even the longest nights don’t have to be dreary at all.