Your December Horoscope Is Here

The current circumstances may continue to feel dark and dreary, but the light on the horizon will finally burn bright.

Your December Horoscope Is Here
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And, just like that, 2020 sees its final month. Whether you’re looking back, wondering where this year has gone, or fixing your focus toward the future, a celebration is in order — and the skies this month will lend a hand. The new moon on the 14th will take place in Sagittarius, that driven fire sign with a thirst for the unknown. In a year marked by uncertainty, you’ve probably had enough to last a lifetime, but this lunar phase will remind you of the joys that can come with leaving things to chance. Sitting in your own dread will only take you so far — and if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that you can’t plan for everything. Sometimes, rolling with the punches (and injecting your life with a little spontaneity of your own devising) is the only way forward. The coinciding total solar eclipse will leave us with the promise of new, dare we say exciting, changes to come.

Another boost in optimism will come on the 17th, when Saturn moves into Aquarius for a nice, long stay. Our potential for collective change, growth, and improvement will appear boundless, providing we’re prepared to work for those developments. The current circumstances may continue to feel dark and dreary, but the light on the horizon will finally burn bright.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

There is much for you to discuss and learn this month, Aries. Mercury is snapping your big-picture thinking into focus as December begins, inspiring you to set goals and solve problems on a macroscale, trusting that the details can (and will) get hashed out later. While your newfound idealism will undoubtedly inspire those around you, some may bristle if you refuse to buckle down and talk logistics. Balance your pie-in-the-sky thinking with an open ear for more practical matters. They might bore you now, but you’ll be glad to have a detailed plan in order when Mercury moves into no-nonsense Capricorn on the 20th.

Speaking of Capricorn, the sun will move into the sign of the Goat on the 21st and light up your career sector. The next month will be particularly busy for you at work, but a tireless fire sign like you can play that to your advantage. Let your competitive spirit take the reins and attack your professional goals with the same vim and vigor as you would a debate or board game. Aries is the sign of first impressions — and this is your chance to cement your reputation around the office with a simple gesture or two. So, how would you like to be seen in 2021, dear Ram?

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Feeling sly, Taurus? Your intuition will serve as an important beacon as the month unfolds, guiding you through the mental fog, abstract discussions, and uncertain decisions. You’re seeking clarity on what’s taking place beneath the surface, internally and externally. This is a wonderful time to root sources of toxicity out of your life, whether they take the form of an ungrateful friend or a nail-biting habit. Consider it a jumpstart on resolution season.

On the 17th, Saturn will post up in your career sector until 2023. The time has come for a cold, hard reality-check on your professional progress, Taurus. The ringed planet will cast an objective, scrutinizing gaze over your current standing at work and all you’ve done (or haven’t done) to reach this point. That said, this is not about being employee of the month every month — while this is undoubtedly a difficult transit, it will still center your own personal definition of success. Don’t be afraid to be frank with yourself if you find your efforts to be lacking or your path toward your goals to be winding. There is always time to correct course. And, if you realize a force outside of yourself is stalling your progress, there’s always time to seek fortunes elsewhere.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your love life (and partnerships in general) will be top-of-mind this month, Gemini, and this emphasis will have the effect of a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’ll find a sense of ease and immense satisfaction in one-on-one interactions with your loved ones, especially ones that end with you feeling like you’re on the same page, working toward the same relationship checkpoints. On the other, you could end up floundering on major decisions if you believe that your final choice will affect your significant other or friends. There’s nothing wrong with getting input from others if you’re struggling to make a move, but don’t let their opinions drown out what your gut is telling you.

Just in time for resolution season, the full moon on the 29th will highlight your spending habits, noting in particular where you’re most likely to put your money when you’re seeking a sense of security and comfort. Does it go in your savings or toward a flashy new toy? Are you more likely to surround yourself with a few pricey yet enduring items or lots of cheap little impulse purchases? You don’t necessarily have to challenge your current habits (you can even indulge them, if you so wish), but you should take a moment to examine them.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

To kick off the month, the sun and Mercury are presenting a united front in your wellness zone. The former will inspire you to make meaningful changes and improvements to your approach to your well-being, while the latter will grant you the mental clarity to put them into practice. The moon, your celestial ruler, will reach its new phase on the 14th and drive this point home: Your health encompasses your physical self and your mental self — it’s important to nurture both. If that wasn’t enough, Venus will join the chorus the following day, reminding you that self-love and -care sometimes looks like a bubble bath, other times like a simple moment of quiet.

The full moon on the 29th will occur in your very own sign, sending your emotions straight to the surface (for most Crabs, they won’t have far to travel). Try to have an outlet for whatever feelings overtake you during this lunar phase, Cancer. Journal, phone a friend, walk it off, watch your favorite tearjerker — whatever you do, make sure it allows you to feel your feelings as they come. An empty means of distraction will not grant you the emotional relief you seek.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Leo, and no one knows it better than yourself. As December begins, you’re riding high on Sagittarius season. The sun will be camped out in your fellow fire sign until the 21st, and you should spend these final weeks savoring the increased sense of play, joy, and ease that comes with this sign’s solar season. Your ideas are flowing freely and you’re attracting attention from all angles. What more could a star like you want? Investigate that question on the 14th, during the Sagittarian new moon and total solar eclipse. It’s a given that you know how to get what you want, Leo. What’s less certain is what that thing actually is.

Your behavior in your relationships will be called to task on the 17th, when Saturn moves into Aquarius. Do you tend to compromise too easily or are you more likely to dig in your heels? How do you react when your friends or S.O. ask for more than they can give in return? You are undeniably generous, especially with those you’re closest to, but you’re often tempted to view partnerships through a transactional lens. Consider how that tendency might stall or inhibit intimacy.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Mercury, your planetary ruler, will flit into your zone of home and hearth on the first of the month, setting a comfy, cozy, nostalgic tone for the next few weeks. This is an excellent time to break out the photo albums or read old journals, Virgo. You may unearth a memory, a lesson, a long-forgotten secret, that serves your present self. If you initially reject the cosmos’ urge to reminisce, the new moon on the 14th will make it impossible to resist. This lunar phase wants you to delve into pressing familial matters and get to the root of the problem. While the issue at hand may seem deep, the solution might be surprisingly simple.

The sun moves into fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 21st, and, after hunkering down for the first half of the month, you’ll feel seen and eager to mingle. You’re a practical, hardworking sign by nature, Virgo — while this month-long period will put you in the mood to play, you’ll hardly eschew all your work ethic in exchange for idleness. What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll turn your work into play, letting your humor and creativity play a greater role in your pitches, projects, and correspondences. Your lighter side so rarely gets to call the shots — what would it look like if you let it, Virgo?

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Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Last month, the stars asked you to get your finances in order. This month, they’ll ask you to keep those organizational efforts going, but apply them to your general, everyday life — which, we admit, is hardly a minor request. Air signs, yourself included, tend to order their lives in an, shall we say, unconventional manner (read: those with this elemental ruler tend to be a bit scatter-brained). Nevertheless, streamlining your inbox, to-do list, paperwork, and even your thoughts is within reach this month thanks to Mercury and the sun supercharging your communication sector.

These heavenly bodies will grant you the concentration you need to file away annoying busywork and nip sprawling email threads in the bud. You’ll be laser-focused and clear-eyed as you execute task after task, which will make way for a little more fun on the 15th, when Venus joins the party and injects a little fun into your work. Sure, you may still have a glut of correspondences, but you’ll reply to them with a renewed sense of levity. Whipping your logistical self into shape isn’t always easy, Libra, but it doesn’t have to be joyless.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Money talks, Scorpio — and, this month, your finances will be particularly verbose, calling out for a little more attention, if not an internal audit. In other words, cash flow may be a source of anxiety for you this month, Scorp, but stewing in worry won’t fix your problems. Instead, take a closer look at what’s causing you to stew — are you concerned about your income? Are you self-conscious about what you’ve been spending your money on? Are you actually in a good financial place at the moment but fearful of unforeseen complications?

Here’s the good news: All of these feelings are valid. And here’s the better news: The new moon on the 14th will help you feel more grounded and, in turn, more capable of setting attainable financial goals. And the total solar eclipse on the same day will usher in a new phase of your relationship with money. Watch for changes in the coming weeks and dare to be a little optimistic (rosy Venus moving into your money zone on the 15th will be a welcome, encouraging guest).

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

You’ll begin the month as the belle of the celestial ball, Sag. As you’re surely aware, your birthday season is already underway — and you’ll get to bask in the sun’s warm rays until the 21st, when it moves into your neighboring sign, Capricorn. Beyond that, Mercury will light up your sign from the 1st to the 20th, the 14th’s new moon will occur in your sign, and Venus will sidle up alongside Mercury on the 15th. You’ll feel free to express yourself, chase your passions with abandon, and, in true Archer form, see the joke in everything. This will be an energetic period for you, so just be sure you aren’t burning the candle at both ends. Make time to show yourself some love and restorative care.

Your enthusiasm will be rewarded later in the month, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, moves into your communication sector, urging you to share your wisdom with others and to ask them for their thoughts, as well. Your personal and professional life will benefit immensely if you tap into — and nurture — your network right now, Sag.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

It’s time to clear the fields so that new growth can take hold, Capricorn. The first few weeks of December will see you in editor mode, quietly and systematically shearing away what you perceive to be unnecessary, unfulfilling, or simply dead weight. Bad habits, absentee friends, unworn clothing, and busywork that exceeds your paygrade all await the chopping block. And, while you like to be discerning and careful in your decisions, do not be afraid to kill your darlings, Cap. A new year is coming and you should go into it feeling lighter and ready to take on new, better things.

After all that inner tidying up, your month-long birthday season kicks off on the 21st. Knowing you, you’ll likely keep your nose to the grindstone even as those around you toast to your time in the sun (pun intended). Nevertheless, consider treating yourself at least a little during the sun’s month-long stay in your sign. This will be a particularly opportune time to set out on new endeavors, ones that you can call completely your own (this should be catnip to your ambitious, independent sign). You’ll be able to find cheerleaders when you need them, but you’ll find greater satisfaction in flying solo for now.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Your sign will play host to two giants this month, Water Bearer: First, ambitious Saturn will return to your sign on the 17th. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and fortune, will join the ringed planet only two days later on the 19th. These planets rule vast, significant parts of our lives, but their effects aren’t exactly instantaneous — you won’t encounter any great blinking signs from them. Instead, keep your eye out for gradual upticks in your self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

It’s actually wonderful timing that these planets will cohabitate within your sign. Without Saturn’s self-discipline, Jupiter’s energizing, indulgent influence could send you off in eight different directions at once. On the flip side, if you only had Saturn to guide you, the temptation to beat yourself up over minor mistakes and fixate on past failures could overshadow your aspirations for the future. In short, you’re ending 2020 on a stunningly hopeful, focused note, Aquarius. Don’t squander those feelings as they carry you into the new year.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

The first half of December will see you shine at work, Pisces. But you might be too hung up on your perceived professional losses to notice your wins — and that’s perfectly fine. The new moon on the 14th will arrive just in time to open your eyes. This lunar phase may be the darkest in the moon’s cycle, but it will positively illuminate both how far you’ve come and where you can go next on your career path. This inner realization will come with a side of tangible, external change thanks to the accompanying total solar eclipse. Something new is about to begin — watch for surprising memos and listen for whispers from higher-ups in the week following the new moon and eclipse. Even a wayward Slack message could reveal what’s to come.

Your focus will shift from work to play by the end of the month, and you’ll have the full moon on the 29th, in large part, to thank for the reprieve. Peaking in Cancer, your fellow water sign, it will restore your signature sense of wonder, stoking your imagination, and thawing your creative blocks. Despite the winter chill, you’ll feel lit from within — share your warmth with others, Pisces.

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