The December Full Moon In Cancer Wants You to Stay Home and Get Cozy

It's the most fitting, and necessary, end to 2020.

The Full Moon In Cancer Wants You To Get Cozy Before The New Year
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The end of 2020 is just within reach, but before this year is over, we have one more full moon to get through. On Tuesday, December 29, at 10:30 p.m. ET, the moon will reach its peak in Cancer, the Zodiac sign that it co-rules with the element of water. This sign is so naturally in step with the ebbs and flows of the moon’s cycle that this celestial event will actually be less of a spiritual slog and more of an opportunity to take refuge and simply observe the feelings that arise. After the momentous eclipses that accompanied the last two major lunar phases, it will be a relief to let this full moon’s energy simply wash over you. Absorbing its restorative effects, without forcing change or resisting it, will also help you begin 2021 on the right foot.

The full moon in Cancer wants you to take refuge ahead of the new year.

When we think about the sign of Cancer, we think of the Crab, its representative symbol: A hard, rough exterior encompasses a soft-hearted inner being. In this symbol, we can infer Cancerians’ sometimes cagey nature, as well as their enduring desire for protection. While people born under this sign obviously can’t go through life surrounded by a physical shell of their own, they do seek out a sense of security in their living space, ensuring they have a safe comfort zone in which they can be their whole vulnerable selves.

When the full moon beams through this sensitive water sign, we’ll all become a little more Cancerian, seeking the familiarity of home. Maternal instincts, empathy, and our overall sense of generosity could all intensify during this lunar phase. It’s best to stay at home, cultivate some wintertime coziness, and commune with loved ones. This is a wonderful evening to curl up with a blanket and book, cook a hearty dinner, and catch up with close friends and family (IRL if you can do so with minimal risk, or via video call). Try not to crowd your calendar with commitments, work, or anything that will heighten your stress and anxiety. This is an evening to recall — and express gratitude — for the everyday comforts that make you feel truly safe and at ease.

The December full moon’s traditional spiritual associations will further fuel this homebody energy.

This month’s full moon goes by many names, but two of the most commonly heard today are the Cold Moon and the Long Nights Moon — and both paint a similar image of this time of year. The temperatures are dropping and daylight is short. When warmth and light are hard to come by in the natural world, we must create it for ourselves. This meaning goes hand-in-hand with Cancer’s ethos, amounting to a simple, coherent message for this month’s full moon: Do what you can to be safe and held. Seek out that feeling in your home, among your loved ones, and within yourself. Once you’re in a space of warmth and light, stay there — and celebrate how precious that feeling is.

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