People Say This Kardashian-Approved Squat Machine Will Give You a "Perky" Butt in Just a Month

Even Martha Stewart is a fan.

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This Celeb-Approved Squat Machine Promises to Give You Your ‘Dream Butt’ — and People Say It Actually Works
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Lacking in the backside department? The DB Method can help with that.

Since its launch in 2017, you may have heard about the Kardashian-approved ″dream butt″ method, or at least seen it on your Instagram feed. Designed to "achieve the perfect squat," the sleek at-home squat machine is almost unlike anything on the market right now. While a traditional squat can be hard to perfect on your own without guidance, The DB Method takes the guesswork out of the movement by shifting your weight to your glutes with the help of handrails, foot ramps, and a seat connected to a tension rod. It's specially built to keep you comfortable, so your knees and back won't feel any extra pressure as you complete a workout.


The machine isn't just a butt workout, either — other than your glutes, The DB Method also works your quads, thighs, hamstrings, hips, and calves, and can even be used for your chest, arms and abs.


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The DB Method has gained popularity over the years thanks to various celebrities touting it as part of their exercise routines (and more recently thanks to the pandemic boom of at-home fitness, of course). To name a few stars, Kim Kardashian gifted the machine to her family in 2019, Martha Stewart mentioned that it was part of her home gym last year, and it's been seen in the backdrop of Hailey Bieber's Instagram Stories.

Other than its celeb stamp of approval, The DB Method also has thousands of positive reviews from people who say it actually works. Shoppers rave that it's given them "a backside to fill jeans after 30 days," and that it's "all you'll ever need" to keep your behind "perky" and "dimple-free." The brand also provides real before and after photos submitted by shoppers on its website and Instagram.

"I cannot say enough good things about the DB Method," one customer wrote. "It has transformed the shape of my lower half right before my eyes... In less than one month of near daily use, the shape and appearance of my butt and legs have improved more than I ever imagined was possible. I am in my late 40's, have a herniated disc in my lower back, and suffer from foot pain. Weight training is a thing of the past for me, but I would never go back even if I could. My 'dangerous booty' machine is all I will ever need."

Ready for your dream butt? Take The DB Method for a whirl — we have a feeling your bum will appreciate it.

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