How Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Keep Their Relationship So Low-Key, According to an Astrologer

Here’s why the down-to-earth pair is drama-free.

WHEN STARS ALIGN: Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin
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When Chris Martin consciously uncoupled from Gwyneth Paltrow in 2014, his love life took a turn from high-profile to low-key. Sure, he dated both Jennifer Lawrence and Annabelle Wallis, but the buzz around the Coldplay rocker's love life was fairly relaxed and unserious. That is, until he was rumored to be dating Dakota Johnson.

Until that point, the Fifty Shades star was linked to Welsh musician Matthew Hitt. But in October 2017, People reported that she and Martin looked "cozy, laughing, and affectionate" during a sushi date. Over the next couple months, Johnson was spied in the VIP box at a Coldplay concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina and later, alongside Martin at a Nick Cave concert. By January 2018, the pair got bolder in public, holding hands at a Stella McCartney show.

But they soon traded in stepping out to events for taking their pup out for walks, spending time at Martin's Malibu home, and even vacationing with Paltrow and her new husband Brad Falchuk. Sure, they've dodged pregnancy, breakup, and most recently, engagement rumors, but the two seem to be the epitome of relaxed, happy, and thoroughly drama-free. And they appear to be compatible not only personally but professionally, as Johnson even made her directorial debut with the music video for Coldplay's "Cry Cry Cry."

Their equally intellectual and romantic connection is clear from a look at their astrological compatibility. Here, what Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin's birth charts have to say about their easygoing love.

Their Sun Signs Aren't Traditionally Compatible, But They Do Have a Venus Connection in Common

Martin (born on March 2, 1977 at 5:52 p.m. in Exeter, United Kingdom) has his sun sign in mutable water sign Pisces, while Johnson (born on October 4, 1989 at 2:49 p.m. in Austin, Texas) was born with her sun in cardinal air sign Libra. Water signs tend to be most compatible with other water signs and earth signs, while air signs do best with other air signs and fire signs. And Libra and Pisces are roughly 150 degrees — or five signs — apart, making them quincunx one another.

We generally think of a square or opposition as the most challenging aspect between two signs, but quincunx is a "hard" aspect as well. It basically denotes some awkwardness, as signs that quincunx one another don't appear to have any natural common ground, be that in terms of their element (earth, fire, air, water) or quality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable).

Still, one thing that Libra and Pisces specifically share is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, and pleasure. The social butterfly air sign is ruled by it, and when Venus is in the empathic, romantic water sign, it's considered to be "exalted," or capable of reaching its peak power. It's no wonder Libran Johnson and Pisces Martin seem to have a shared love of the arts, romance, date nights, and vacations — basically, all the simple and sumptuous joys of partnership, as all of those themes are especially Venusian.

Their Fiery Moons Form a Harmonious Trine to One Another

Martin was born with his moon at 4 degrees of action-oriented, charismatic fire sign Leo. Meanwhile, Johnson's moon sits at 5 degrees of fellow adventurous fire sign Sagittarius. This means their moons, aka their individual astrological emotional compasses, share the same element and form a harmonizing trine to one another. Plus, both were born with their moon in the eleventh house of networking and groups, meaning they're equally wired to be altruistic, community-oriented, and lean on their relationships to friends and colleagues.

This sweet trine is definitely a strong tenant of their bond. Your moon sign speaks to how you want to be cared for and how you create a sense of security for yourself. These two understand one another's emotional needs and share a natural coziness. It makes sense that they seem perfectly happy hanging out at home in Malibu as well as around family and on group dates.

They Share Down-to-Earth Rising Signs

Johnson was born with her rising sign, or ascendant, at 17 degrees Capricorn, the industrious cardinal earth sign, while Martin was born with his rising at 12 degrees Virgo, the service-oriented mutable earth sign. Both are pragmatic, grounded hard workers who aren't necessarily all about the flashiness of Hollywood so much as they are about their crafts. They want to be respected in their individual fields and are more than happy to put in the time and energy necessary for that to happen. Sharing this earthy connection means they likely have a lot of respect for one another's work ethic and feel like that's something they really have in common. Plus, Johnson's ascendant falls in Martin's fifth house of romance, self-expression, and creativity, which makes it pretty clear that he sees her as a muse and inspiration for his art.

Fortunate Jupiter Is a Factor Too

Johnson's Venus — which influences her love language — is at 25 degrees Scorpio, almost directly opposing Martin's Jupiter — which shows how he expresses generosity and optimism and experiences fortune — at 24 degrees Taurus. An opposition might sound harsh, but that's not really the case when we're talking about the planet of love and the planet of luck. Instead, this aspect indicates that love, romance, affection are in supreme abundance between Johnson and Martin. The only danger is that they might go overboard at times, taking on more than they can handle as a team. But thankfully, both Scorpio and Taurus are known for being calculated and methodical in their approach — as well as sensual and deeply loving.

Also of note: Johnson's Mercury, the planet of communication, is at 25 degrees Virgo, forming a sweet trine to Martin's Jupiter, making them like-minded in how they soak up and share knowledge. This helps them enjoy engaging conversations around big picture topics — everything from philosophy to politics to religion.

How Johnson and Martin's Charts Could Color Their Romantic Fate

Thanks to a harmonious emotional and mutual respect, it's clear that this Hollywood duo have the astrological ingredients for a natural, comfortable, easygoing bond. By prioritizing their shared values — work, family, staying grounded, etc. — they'll likely continue to build a supportive, heartfelt relationship that remains fairly low-key and simply harmonious. It also wouldn't be surprising to see them continue to collaborate creatively. In short, you can trust Johnson's famous mama Melanie Griffith when she says the two are "an awesome couple."

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